Letters to the Editor- 2020

Read about why Madison voters support our candidates and what matters most in 2020.

  • LETTER: Vote for Hoover and Landrigan
    EDITOR: I’d like to ask my fellow Madison residents to vote for John Hoover and Bob Landrigan in the upcoming election when you get your VBM ballot after Oct. 5th. As a resident of Madison for the past 18 years I’ve seen both John and Bob exhibit dedication and commitment to this town. They understand […]

2019 Letters

  • LETTER: Let’s get serious about Madison climate policies
    EDITOR: The proposal by Republican mayoral candidate Robert Catalanello to make Madison an “electric car mecca,” as an ostensibly progressive, “green” program, deserves some serious critique (“Catalanello’s vision: An electric car mecca,” Madison Eagle, Aug. 15, page 3). While the revenue structure issue he raises merits further consideration, it should not be conflated with utility or environmental policy. […]
  • LETTER: Affordable housing residents are our neighbors
    EDITOR: It’s been over 44 years since the Mount Laurel Doctrine, which requires wealthy towns, like our lovely Madison, provide their fair share of low-and-moderate-income housing. Something Madison has done so since the early 1980s. Some towns tried to comply. After another court battle, some remaining towns settled their “fair share obligations” in 2017. Madison did […]
  • LETTER: Ehrlich is well-prepared for Madison council
    EDITOR: From the first time I met Rachel Ehrlich (Democratic candidate for the Madison Borough Council) a few years ago, I was immediately impressed with her manner and demeanor. I was even more impressed by how quickly she got involved with our community. Our Mayor, Bob Conley, must have been just as impressed because he […]
  • LETTER: Madison is smart in planning affordable housing
    EDITOR: Madison’s leaders are on the right path to create more affordable housing for working class families, like teachers, cops, restaurant workers and veterans. You know, neighbors. It’s part of a decades-long battle across New Jersey because wealthy communities restricted working class families through zoning laws. Two landmark state Supreme Court decisions — known as the […]
  • LETTER: Ehrlich cares deeply about Madison and its residents
    EDITOR: I wholeheartedly support (Democratic candidate) Rachel Ehrlich for election to the Madison Borough Council. I met Rachel three years ago and in that time have come to learn that she is incredibly smart, passionate, and dedicated — all qualities that would serve her well on the Council and help our wonderful town. I have […]
  • LETTER: Affordable housing creates a foundation for Madison to flourish
    EDITOR: Recent discussion regarding Madison’s Affordable Housing requirement have focused a lot on the legal aspects of that obligation, as well as the practical and thoughtful steps Madison is taking to fulfill it; visit the Affordable Housing page. It is important for us to recognize that these laws are in place for very good reasons; in fact, […]
  • LETTER: Conley has proven himself as Madison mayor
    EDITOR: Mayor Bob Conley (Democratic candidate for re-election) deserves our vote to continue as mayor of Madison. During his tenure, he has taken the lead on the council in completing many capital improvements, from repaving and repairing streets, maintaining and upgrading our water and sewage systems, to investing in our electric utility. And as a […]
  • LETTER: Affordable housing isn’t just about court orders; it’s about people
    EDITOR: Since jurisdiction over Madison’s affordable housing obligations was transferred to the courts in 2015, focus has centered on the declaratory judgment litigation. Each non-urban municipality in New Jersey has been part of this complex process — and there are no easy answers. Plans for resolution require speaking to complicated technical formulas and terms, scarcity […]
  • LETTER: We are fortunate to have Maureen Byrne on Madison Council
    EDITOR: When I first met Maureen Byrne (Democratic candidate for re-election to the Madison Borough Council) over a decade ago, I was instantly impressed by what a genuine, trustworthy, and caring person she was. Her volunteer work for the Madison Public Library, the “Taste of Madison,” the Downtown Development Commission, and the Thursday Morning Club, […]
  • LETTER: Democratic team will keep Madison ‘No. 1’
    EDITOR: I am writing to urge the residents of Madison to join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Bob Conley, and to vote for Maureen Byrne, and Rachel Ehrlich for Borough Council (the Democratic candidates for Madison Mayor and Council). I have worked closely with all three candidates and can say they will represent everyone […]
  • LETTER: Democratic candidates are friends of the environment
    EDITOR: I have come to think that being a good mayor or a good council person is like being a good neighbor. You share what you know, you connect, you collaborate and, at the end of the day, you create something for the greater good. Both Madison Mayor Bob Conley and Councilwoman Maureen Byrne (Democratic […]
  • LETTER: Democrats are neighbors who listen and lead
    EDITOR: As a cub newspaper reporter covering Berlin, Conn. — about the same size as Madison’s 16,000 residents — I learned how local leaders differ from state and national leaders. They’re our neighbors. We see them at softball games, the community pool, the supermarket, “Bottle Hill Day” — heck, they even come to our homes […]
  • LETTER: Madison election elevates issue of climate change
    EDITOR: I am a proud Madisonian for many reasons. Most recently because in this election season all candidates are addressing solutions to climate change. It has been a race to the top on what Madison can do to combat this critical threat. I have worked professionally in combating climate change for more than 15 years. […]
  • LETTER: Mayor Conley leads quietly by example
    EDITOR: I have had the pleasure of representing the residents of Madison since 2003. When I complete my current term, I will have served on the Madison Borough Council for almost 15 years. During that time, I have worked with a number of mayors, but none can match (Democrat) Bob Conley’s dedication and love for […]
  • LETTER: Democrats make a strong team for Madison
    EDITOR: As a new member of the Madison Borough Council, I have learned that having the right people to work with is the key to accomplishing necessary and ambitious goals, goals that under (Democratic) Mayor Bob Conley’s leadership have made Madison the No. 1 small town in New Jersey. He strives for consensus from the […]
  • LETTER: Conley, Byrne and Ehrlich work for Madison as a team
    EDITOR: I am writing to request that Madison residents vote for the (Democratic) Team of Bob Conley for Mayor, and Maureen Byrne and Rachel Ehrlich for Borough Council. I will not re-list all of their many contributions to the citizens, nor their vision and plans for the future of Madison. They have been presented numerous […]
  • LETTER: Trump isn’t as far from Madison as we imagine
    EDITOR: Madison’s borough elections are partisan, meaning that candidates run as Democrats and Republicans. We like to say that in Madison we rise above such labels to do what’s best for our town, and I think that’s mostly true. But there’s a reason we identify as Democrat or Republican and it speaks to our values. […]
  • LETTER: Madison’s a wonderful town and there’s a reason
    EDITOR: My husband and I came to Madison nearly four years ago. We had both spent most of our life living in the New York City area, and moving to a small town in the suburbs was a tremendous change. Here’s the thing I have grown, unexpectedly, to love over the past four years — […]
  • LETTER: A vote for Byrne is a vote for leadership
    EDITOR: Elections are around the corner and I’d like to commend Maureen Byrne (Democratic candidate for re-election to the Madison Borough Council) for a job well done. Her presence on the Council has brought forth many hard, well thought-out questions in meetings, solid discussion points and results. Another term would benefit Madison and the community. […]
  • Votar para una plataforma fuerte el 5 de noviembre
    Estimados Editores; El propósito de la presente carta se debe a comunicar mi apoyo de los candidatos Conley, Byrne, y  Ehrlich para Alcalde y Consejas de Madison, respectivamente. Comunico en español e inglés para que el mensaje llegue a toda la gente posible. De hecho, ese mismo sentido de comunicación y de asegurar que las […]
  • LETTER: Conley, Byrne and Ehrlich will ensure all voices are heard
    EDITOR: The purpose of this letter is to communicate my support of (Democratic) candidates Robert Conley for Madison Mayor and Maureen Byrne and Rachel Ehrlich for Madison Borough Council. The sense of communication and of ensuring that the voices of All Madison neighbors on the part of the candidates, is one of the main reasons […]
  • LETTER: Conley the clear choice for Madison mayor
    EDITOR: In the race for Madison Mayor, I will vote for (Democratic incumbent) Bob Conley. Regarding the Madison Community Garden: The true instigator of the Community Garden was a small group, of which I was a member, that for three years worked independently and through the Madison Recreation Complex development committee to create a full […]
  • LETTER: Keep Bob Conley in the Mayor’s seat
    EDITOR: Bob Conley (Democratic candidate for re-election) has been an able Mayor for Madison and should be supported for another term in the November election. A lifelong Madison resident, he has provided dedicated service both as a member of Council and as Mayor. He has helped lead us in responding to the ongoing challenges of […]
  • LETTER: Conley, Byrne and Ehrlich are dedicated neighbors
    EDITOR: We live in contentious times — times when even the most local events are marred by political extremism. But over the past five or so years, the Madison Council has distinguished itself by its non-partisan focus on making Madison a town that is safe for all of us. I have sometimes been frustrated when […]
  • LETTER: A special community deserves great leadership
    EDITOR: I am writing to urge Madison residents to re-elect (Democrats) Mayor Robert Conley and Councilwoman Maureen Byrne and to cast a vote for (Democrat) Rachel Ehrlich for Borough Council. I love living and volunteering in Madison. I arrived here 11 years ago and this is the first place I have ever felt the deep […]
  • LETTER: Conley, Byrne and Ehrlich will do what’s best for Madison residents
    EDITOR: My grandfather proudly served in World War I and my father in World War II. They served a country that was united, working together toward a common goal. It was a time when differences in political opinions were recognized but, most importantly, respected. This was, and hopefully will always be, a value that Madison […]
  • LETTER: Keep the vibrancy in Madison with Conley, Byrne and Ehrlich
    EDITOR: I came to Madison in 1972, I raised my children here and now my grandchildren are being raised here. There have been many changes over these 47 years, but I love Madison and have always believed it was the best town in New Jersey. It is wonderful that now our town has been recognized […]
  • LETTER: Vote for Hoover and Landrigan
    EDITOR: I’d like to ask my fellow Madison residents to vote for John Hoover and Bob Landrigan in the upcoming election when you get your VBM ballot after Oct. 5th. As a resident of Madison for the past 18 years I’ve seen both John and Bob exhibit dedication and commitment to this town. They understand […]