LETTER: Save New Jersey from becoming Florida

TO THE EDITOR: As I did in 2019 and 2021, I am again proud to be a strong supporter of women’s rights and climate champion Christine Clarke for election this year to the New Jersey State Senate, even though the recent redistricting means that I am not in her new 25th legislative district. It’s that important!

Christine is an exceptional listener who prizes servant leadership, a clean energy economy, clean air and water, and workers’ rights. She does not accept corporate PAC money, but will instead represent you, her constituents. Please visit ClarkeForSenate.com.

Her opponent, incumbent Sen. Anthony Bucco, who refused the New Jersey Hills Media Group and League of Women Voters’ terms for a debate, is the Minority Leader, and thus in line to become Senate President – and steer the ship! – should Republicans flip a few seats this November.

Trying desperately to wave away reproductive rights as an issue in this election, Bucco tweeted, “Abortion rights has been settled law in New Jersey for a long time.” Hmm, that would be just like the federal Roe v. Wade case being settled law, according to several Republican nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court. Remind me, how did that work out?

Facts matter, so pay attention instead to his legislative action. Bucco sets aside “settled law” and attacks reproductive rights over and over, such as by co-sponsoring bill S673 which would jail doctors for 30 years for providing abortion care, and by voting “no” on bill A3974, now law, which protects women from extradition and prosecution when they travel to New Jersey for health care that is banned in their home state.

Does that sound like “small government” to you?

If we want to save New Jersey from becoming Florida, then we must vote Democratic on or before Tuesday, Nov. 7!


West Caldwell