LETTER: Democratic candidates are friends of the environment

EDITOR: I have come to think that being a good mayor or a good council person is like being a good neighbor. You share what you know, you connect, you collaborate and, at the end of the day, you create something for the greater good. Both Madison Mayor Bob Conley and Councilwoman Maureen Byrne (Democratic candidates for re-election) have exemplified these “good neighbor” values in their partnership with the Environmental Commission.

Not only have the Mayor and Councilwoman Byrne ensured the success of the Madison Environmental Commission’s many events, they have been critical players in the multi-town effort to pass a single-use bag ordinance. Councilwoman Byrne came to meetings with the Chathams and took calls on the weekend. The Mayor spearheaded a plastics forum in Madison and reached out to other mayors to create regional enthusiasm.

I am pleased that these two experienced leaders are running with Rachel Ehrlich (Democratic candidate for the Madison Borough Council). I’ve worked with Ehrlich on various town projects and have been impressed by her community-building skills, her innovative ideas and her strong advocacy for climate action. Ehrlich understands that New Jersey’s clean energy goals need to start at a local level. Adding her voice to the Borough Council couldn’t come at a more important time.



Environmental Commission

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