LETTER: Conley has proven himself as Madison mayor

EDITOR: Mayor Bob Conley (Democratic candidate for re-election) deserves our vote to continue as mayor of Madison.

During his tenure, he has taken the lead on the council in completing many capital improvements, from repaving and repairing streets, maintaining and upgrading our water and sewage systems, to investing in our electric utility.

And as a lifelong resident of Madison, he knows us, has relationships with many of us; he knows business owners, borough employees. He has mentored Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and worked to introduce Madison to Drew University students.

And we have seen him under pressure. Communities must unify in difficult times. As we learned in 2012 in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, no one is better at bringing us together than our Mayor Bob.

His respect and concern for all residents is evident every time he presides over a Borough Council meeting. Whether in good times or bad, Mayor Bob has shown he can lead effectively. No wonder he has earned our trust. Join me in voting for him and his team, Councilwoman Maureen Byrne and Rachel Ehrlich (Democratic candidates for the Madison Borough Council).

Beech Avenue


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