LETTER: Forte is the ideal candidate to serve Madison

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to express my wholehearted endorsement of John Forte for Madison Borough Council.

As someone who has deep roots in Madison, having been born and raised here and currently raising my own family in this wonderful community, I believe John is the ideal candidate to serve our town.

My connection to Madison runs deep, from my early education at the Madison Co-Op, Torey J. Sabatini School, Madison Junior and Senior High Schools. After college, I returned to Madison to establish my own business as an art educator; and along with my husband, are raising our two sons who attend our public schools.

I’ve had the privilege of reconnecting with John Forte, a fellow Madison High School alum, through his work as an advocate for preserving Madison’s history, celebrating its diversity, and committing to its wonderful quality of life.

His dedication, passion and level headedness are evident in town meetings and in person. John values, deeply, our town’s rich history but also has a clear vision for its present and future needs. He understands the delicate balance between preserving our heritage and embracing progress, making him the perfect candidate to represent our interests on the Madison Council.

Madison deserves a dedicated and forward-thinking leader like John Forte, who not only knows our community intimately but also has the skills and dedication needed to ensure its continued success. I urge my fellow Madison residents to support John Forte for Madison Council, as I firmly believe he will be an advocate for our town’s values and aspirations.