LETTER: Madison election elevates issue of climate change

EDITOR: I am a proud Madisonian for many reasons. Most recently because in this election season all candidates are addressing solutions to climate change. It has been a race to the top on what Madison can do to combat this critical threat. I have worked professionally in combating climate change for more than 15 years. All ideas and solutions should be welcomed.

I serve on the Madison Environmental Commission where I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with Mayor Bob Conley and our Borough Council liaison, Maureen Byrne (Democratic candidates for re-election). With so many competing priorities for them to address, I know that climate change is a top concern of theirs. Over the years, my fellow Commissioners and I have worked with the Borough on pragmatic solutions. I am confident that with another term, Mayor Conley and Councilwoman Byrne will accelerate action on climate change including the host of solutions that the Madison Environmental Commission has worked with them on over the years.

A very critical addition to the Council for tackling the scale and complexity of climate change in Madison should be Rachel Ehrlich (Democratic candidate for the Madison Borough Council). It’s been a pleasure getting to know Rachel, specifically on climate change, where she addresses the issue with the analytical, detail-oriented, thoughtful, pragmatic approach that is required. She recognizes that climate change requires strategic thinking and that Madison collectively can make an impact when our thinking rises to this level. With her background as an architect and her general approach to problem solving on a number of issues, she has done her homework and will advocate for the most impactful solutions to climate change and our other environmental issues in Madison.

Please join me in voting for Rachel Ehrlich, Maureen Byrne and Bob Conley and let’s keep up the active discussion and action on climate change among all Madisonians post-election.


Garfield Avenue


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