LETTER: We are fortunate to have Maureen Byrne on Madison Council

EDITOR: When I first met Maureen Byrne (Democratic candidate for re-election to the Madison Borough Council) over a decade ago, I was instantly impressed by what a genuine, trustworthy, and caring person she was.

Her volunteer work for the Madison Public Library, the “Taste of Madison,” the Downtown Development Commission, and the Thursday Morning Club, and her overall dedication to Madison were extremely impressive.

There wasn’t a “fake” or “ego-driven” bone in her body, and no issue or request was too small for her focus. Her pursuit of public office was solely to bring her commitment to community and to Madison’s quality of life to a broader audience and to ensure that what she and her family experience in Madison continues to be available to all. I had rarely met a person who exemplified what we all want our public servants to be — honest, open, responsive, and selfless.

And boy was she smart, with an unwavering focus on details. In just a short time, she has worked with her colleagues to accomplish a great deal — managing a complicated budget; opening up parking to more and more residents; holding to no tax increases; continuing Borough services for trash, recycling and lawn waste collection; continuing set-asides for future capital expenditures; and making sure that Madison continues to keep electricity and water available to its residents, often in times of major weather events.

Madison is extremely lucky to have Maureen Byrne as one of its longtime homeowners and a Member of its Borough Council. There are few Maureen Byrnes in this country. Let’s make sure she stays engaged, involved, and on the Madison Borough Council, as she is one of the best and brightest public servants around.

Please vote for Maureen Byrne’s re-election on Tuesday, Nov. 5. There is still much to be done, and we need Maureen’s collaborative spirit, dedication, and experience to help us achieve even more.

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