LETTER: Ehrlich, Haralampoudis the right choice for Madison’s future

TO THE EDITOR: I care about the future of Madison and our planet; therefore I will be voting for Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis for Madison Borough Council on November 8.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rachel several times over the last few years and Tom over the last few months. While they have different strengths and styles, they share a dedication to Madison and its residents.

As chair of the Climate Action Committee and liaison to Madison’s Public Works and Engineering, Rachel has shown herself to be the type of long-term thinker who will help Madison move toward a greener future – both in terms of the environment and dollars.

Replacing borough-owned vehicles with electric vehicles when they are retired and installing solar panels on municipal property to generate “home grown” power are commonsense investments for a sustainable future as well as financially savvy planning for a town that operates its own power utility.

Tom also has a track record of commitment to the environment and Madison. He co-founded the Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee and served on the Madison Environmental Commission, and can speak personally on the benefits of incorporating green energy into his family business. Tom’s real-world experience and business experience will serve Madison well as we move toward sustainable energy.

I urge Madison residents to join me to re-elect Rachel Ehrlich and to elect Tom Haralampoudis. Their knowledgeable and thoughtful leadership will make Madison a great and sustainable place to call home for years to come.