LETTER: Vote for Ehrlich, Haralampoudis in Madison

TO THE EDITOR: There are so many reasons why I feel lucky to live in Madison: wonderful friends and neighbors; a walkable, shoppable downtown; great restaurants; fantastic schools; beautiful parks; and a responsive, caring, diligent Borough Council.

The fact that seven residents volunteer so much of their time to make sure Madison is run smoothly and efficiently never fails to blow me away and I’m so grateful to them.

Rachel Ehrlich has not only given so much of her time during her first term on council, but has also given her considerable expertise on a wide range of issues, including affordable housing and climate action.

As an architect with a specialty in energy-efficient, high-quality housing, her professional knowledge is a huge asset to our town. Rachel is passionate about preserving all that makes Madison’s neighborhoods and downtown so desirable while also focusing on street safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

I’ve canvassed with Rachel and have seen her speak with residents, taking in everything they say about life in Madison. She answers questions when she can and promises to follow up when she can’t (and she does, in fact, follow up). Rachel’s approach to problem solving is thoughtful and nuanced and she truly values community input as she actively seeks out collaborative solutions.

Tom Haralampoudis has also consistently given an incredible amount of his time to Madison — he is the ultimate volunteer.

A few highlights of the roles Tom has played over his 30 years in Madison are: Board of Ed member, founding member of the Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee, Trustee on Madison Public Library Board, and a founding member of the Madison Junior School Sports Program.

Tom’s approachable nature and the fact that it seems like he’s everywhere in town — mixing with residents of all ages, backgrounds, and interests — means he has a pulse on what matters to Madison’s residents. Tom has had his hand in so many different areas of life in Madison and being on Council is the next logical step for him to give to Madison all he has to offer.

I’m thrilled and proud to support Rachel and Tom for Borough Council and hope you will join me in voting for them.