LETTER: Ehrlich is well-prepared for Madison council

EDITOR: From the first time I met Rachel Ehrlich (Democratic candidate for the Madison Borough Council) a few years ago, I was immediately impressed with her manner and demeanor. I was even more impressed by how quickly she got involved with our community. Our Mayor, Bob Conley, must have been just as impressed because he wasted no time appointing her to the Planning Board.

Ms. Ehrlich, a working mother who commutes to New York City every day, comes to each hearing fully prepared for the applications. You can tell she is attentive by her perceptive questioning and thoughtful suggestions. Her architectural training, skill and experience are the perfect background not only for the Planning Board, but even more so for the Council.

When filling out your absentee ballots, or when at the polls on Nov. 5t., I urge you to vote for Rachel Ehrlich, so she can join Council member Maureen Byrne and Mayor Conley (Democratic candidates for re-election) who have done such a great job to balance the environment and the character of Madison.


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