LETTER: Rewarding to see environmental groups’ endorsement of Ehrlich in Madison

TO THE EDITOR: It’s rewarding to see the Sierra Club’s New Jersey Chapter endorse Rachel Ehrlich in her re-election bid to the Madison Borough Council – for her efforts to engage our hometown in the climate change fight.

But, frankly, I’m worried Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will notice and scrape together all the carbon emissions from Texas he can cram into a Cessna and fly them here. On the other hand, won’t they be jealous in Martha’s Vineyard?

To recap, the Sierra Club praised Ehrlich’s “demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment.”

Like Ehrlich, the Sierra Club is committed to promoting clean energy, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, protecting open spaces, and advocating for safe and healthy communities.

As a Borough Council member, Ehrlich serves as liaison to the Madison Environmental Commission and the Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee. She partnered with green team members from both groups to create and adopt the Climate Action Resolution for Madison, which acknowledges the climate change threat and aligns the borough with the state Energy Master Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, another prestigious environmental advocacy group, also endorsed Ehrlich, as well as her running mate Tom Haralampoudis, underscoring their commitment to a healthier planet and a greener Madison.

Keep an eye on Ehrlich because she’s brilliant, visionary and committed. And keep an eye out for both a Cessna with Florida plates and fuming local Republicans, though they’re just blowing smoke.