LETTER: Madison has great candidates in Conley, Landrigan, Forte and Honohan

TO THE EDITOR: Bob Conley has been a great mayor.

During his four terms, he has set the agenda for Madison. Think about it: strategic planning in 2014, multiple downtown revitalization initiatives, ensuring that Madison is a Welcoming Community for all, meeting our affordable housing obligations, the COVID-19 Crisis Toolkit, a new Master Plan, and most recently, putting Madison in a leadership position on Climate Action.

Mayor Bob provides the leadership, but it takes a strong Borough Council and administration, and ultimately, borough departments, boards, committees and commissions to make it all happen.

Bob Landrigan is someone who makes it happen. He has been contributing to the community for as long as I can remember. He has served over a quarter century on the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps as an EMT, captain, and five terms as its president. He also served as a Madison Auxiliary Police Officer prior to his election to council in 2011.

What I remember the most was Bob’s leadership as the Madison Office of Emergency Management Coordinator during Hurricane Irene, the October Snowstorm and Superstorm Sandy. It seemed that the two Bobs – Conley and Landrigan – were everywhere in town during those (literally) dark post-Sandy days. Afterwards it was Bob Landrigan who negotiated almost $2 million in FEMA disaster reimbursements for Madison.

I was extremely pleased to learn that John Forte was going to run for a seat on the Madison Borough Council this year. I have served 11 years with John on the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). I had long known that he was fully committed to preserving Madison’s historical heritage. But what has really impressed me has been his attention to detail and his technical knowledge of preservation – something I will never fully acquire. For that technical understanding, I have had to look to Janet Foster, John, and the late Carmen Toto. John Forte also served us as the HPC’s liaison to the Planning Board.

As a long-time friend of her parents, I have watched Melissa Honohan make important contributions to the community. First as a soccer coach and then on the Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Advisory Committee, where she currently serves as its chair. She is now also a member of the Madison Planning Board. I look forward to watching her apply her demonstrated talents and perspective as a Council member.

What great candidates for Madison! As a long-time resident of Madison, I enthusiastically endorse Bob Conley for Mayor, and Bob Landrigan, John Forte, and Melissa Honohan for the Madison Borough Council. We can’t do any better than these experienced, community-minded volunteers.