LETTER: Coen and Range will serve Madison well

TO THE EDITOR: This June 8th, Deb Coen and Eric Range will be getting my votes for the two Council seats.

I am passionate about preserving the character and history of Madison and I can’t think of two better stewards of this than Deb and Eric.

Preserving and celebrating our vibrant history is one of the most challenging and important work a town can do. You need the foresight, the oversight, the vision, and you to build momentum behind making real impact.

Sadly Madison has lost many treasures over the years and being reactive after the fact does nothing to prevent this from happening in the future.

Deb and Eric have both committed to doing the hard work. They have very specific ideas and initiatives that are focused on being proactive, to providing incentives, not punishments when it’s too late, all designed to preserve our historic assets.

Their experience working developing public and private partnerships and knowing how to secure funds to support public projects will be a real asset.

In addition to their commitment to Madison’s history, Deb and Eric also work with The Downtown Development Commission to actively support activities that are important to our business district. This includes many of Madison’s signature events, such as Taste of Madison, May Day in Madison, and our Farmer’s Market. Eric and Deb are fully dedicated to protecting Madison’s history as well as its future.

Please join me on June 8th to cast your votes for Deb and Eric.