LETTER: Vote the Democratic line

EDITOR: I am so excited to finally receive my ballot in the mail today.

Surprisingly, many New Jerseyans do not yet understand that in this state, all voting is going to be done by mail. There are exceptions for those with disabilities. However, everyone else who is registered to vote, will receive a ballot for the November General Election.

We will only have one polling booth open in the Municipal Building but it will be for purposes of the disabled and for those who want to drop-off their Vote-By-Mail Ballot.

Every registered voter who appears at the Municipal Building to vote will be voting on a provisional ballot unless they bring their Vote-By-Mail Ballot with them. There is no guarantee a provisional ballot will be counted – it’s provisional.

As soon as you get your ballot, I urge you to find Column 1, and work your way down the Column, as you fill in the circles for Biden and Harris for President, Cory Booker and Mikie Sherrill for Congress, Cary Amaro for Freeholder and Robert Landrigan and John Hoover for Madison Council.

Our Constitutional system of checks and balances has been thrown out of kilter by recent events and an appointment of a Supreme Court replacement before the election will throw that system out of balance even more. It feels like our government has been hijacked by a small minority and we need to get it back.

For that reason, and many others, I ask you to consider voting for the entire Democratic team. We need a President who will lead us out of this nightmare and a Congress of civil servants such as Cory Booker and Mikie Sherrill who will unite us in restoring faith in our Democracy.

Don’t forget to mail your ballot soon or drop off in the proper box in the parking lot behind the Madison Public Safety Building, 62 Kings Road.


54 Maple Ave


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