LETTER: Vote Forte for Madison Borough Council

TO THE EDITOR: We enjoy our “Downtown” and “Bottle Hill” historic districts because of dedicated citizens who over many years, commit to attending monthly meetings offering their extensive knowledge of our town’s history and guiding one another while deliberations are made to determine what is in the best interest in preserving Madison’s history.

John Forte has devoted many decades to this effort. As a property owner in both districts; I have valued his perspective through the years.

I had the privilege of knowing John since his years at Madison High School. He often visited our historic home on Ridgedale Avenue. Since then, I have enjoyed his many family stories highlighting their service to our Madison community.

He continued in this tradition when he jumped into community service upon returning from college. After his appointment on the Historic Preservation Commission; John became its liaison from the Madison Planning and Zoning Board.

His active participation in organizing and executing the annual Christmas Parade is another testament of his service to the town of Madison. I look forward to the time when John’s leadership on the Council will make us proud having “one of our hometown kids” share his devotion and love of Madison. John represents the best in what we would want from our elected officials: a good business sense, level-headedness, and valued organizational skills .

I am proud to point out to my grandsons that someday they can aspire to serve the community that educated them, just as John has. I will miss John’s participation in our monthly HPC (Historic Preservation Commission) meetings; but I know he will be a most valuable addition to the council. I enthusiastically endorse him for the Madison Borough Council.