LETTER: Madison resident grateful to have Ehrlich, Haralampoudis as candidates

TO THE EDITOR: I am a lifelong New York Mets fan. My friends and family know I take my baseball seriously, and anyone following the sports pages knows the Mets had a crushingly disappointing season end.

Fortunately, baseball is a game and every spring teams and their fans get a brand-new start. Not so with elections, which I take much more seriously. They have lasting impacts on peoples’ lives. That is why I am voting for Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis for Madison Borough Council.

I first met Tom several years ago on a school district technology committee. Though his children were not yet school-age, Tom stepped up to contribute. Over the years, he has found many ways to serve – big and small, visible and behind the scenes. Tom is well prepared for this role.

I met Rachel more recently and am impressed by her deep dedication and contributions on the council. She brings professional experience as an architect, a thoughtful and respectful demeanor, and problem-solving skills.

One example of her many committee and liaison roles is leadership of the volunteer team that is exploring ways our local community could help slow climate change. Her articulate presentations of committee work have been data-driven, forward-thinking, and focused on practical, fiscally responsible solutions to recommend. Rachel is a valuable asset to Madison.

Though I am sadly sitting on the baseball season sidelines this fall, I am actively engaged in election season and grateful I can vote for candidates like Rachel and Tom.