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  • Get Your Lawn Signs for Ehrlich and Haralampoudis!
    It’s that time of year– show your support for our candidates with a lawn sign. There are a few ways to do that: Signs can be displayed on your property (not in public places) and please remove and recycle your […]
  • LETTER: Madison needs Haralampoudis on Borough Council
    TO THE EDITOR: I am tired of Washington politics. I want Madison to be a haven for civic-minded leaders doing the right thing for the community. We place a lot of trust in our Madison Borough Council. Their actions directly […]
  • LETTER: Haralampoudis, Ehrlich the perfect ‘one-two punch’ for Madison Borough Council
    TO THE EDITOR: I can’t think of another person in Madison who has devoted as much time and intelligent conversation in support of so many causes in our great community than Thomas Haralampoudis. All while doing it selflessly and tirelessly. […]
  • Ehrlich and Haralampoudis: Learn About the Candidates and Campaign
    Learn More About Our Candidates News and Press Endorsements and Letters of Support
  • Vote by Mail Ballots Coming Soon
    Paper ballots (VBM ballots) will be hitting Madison mailboxes soon. The MDC has a wealth of information available to keep voters informed and ensure that every votes counts. Here are the key places to find out more: It is highly […]
  • Letter: ‘Radicalization’ of Madison GOP, debate snub are concerning. Ehrlich & Haralampoudis have her vote.
    TO THE EDITOR: When my family moved to Madison almost 22 years ago we knew that we were moving to an area with a robust Republican presence in politics. Morris county was and is more conservative than Essex County, where […]
  • Ehrlich and Haralampoudis Receive Endorsement From New Jersey League of Conservation Voters
    Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis are committed to championing sustainability and elevating climate action as a strategic priority for Madison. As an acknowledgement of that commitment, the candidates were thrilled to receive an endorsement from the New Jersey League of […]
  • Rachel Ehrlich Receives Sierra Club Endorsement
    Council member and current Borough Council candidate Rachel Ehrlich is honored to be just one of only two Council candidates in New Jersey to be endorsed by the Sierra Club. In their endorsement, the Sierra Club acknowledged Ehrlich’s commitment to […]
  • Ehrlich & Haralampoudis: Experience. Dedication. Moving Madison forward together.
    Learn more about Councilmember Rachel Ehrlich and candidate Tom Haralampoudis as they ask for your vote on November 8th. Below you can read about their experience and then their vision and priorities for Madison.
  • Welcome to Madison: A Guide to the Rose City
    As we talk to voters, especially those who are new to Madison, we are reminded about how many amazing things are going on in the Rose City. There are outdoor activities, arts and cultural events, volunteer organizations, and so much […]
  • Democrats Announce Campaign Kick-off Picnic Sept. 18th.
    Councilmember Rachel Ehrlich and popular Madison volunteer Tom Haralampoudis together with the Madison Democratic Committee (MDC) invite the public to the Madison Democrats’ Annual Campaign Kick-off Picnic to be held on Sunday, September 18 from 1:00 to 4 PM at […]
  • Debating the Debates: Coverage of GOP Decision to Opt Out of Engaging with Voters
    There has been excellent coverage of the decision by Republicans at the local and county level (mirroring a national trend) to opt out of non-partisan forums and debates designed to give voters access to hear directly from candidates on the […]
  • EDITORIAL: No good excuse to duck a debate
    The Madison Eagle published an editorial questioning the decision of the Republican candidates to turn down the opportunity to debate in advance of the November election. An excerpt is below and the piece points out the disservice to voters and […]
  • Republican Decision to Skip League Forum Disappointing
    There will be no public forum for the candidates for the Madison Borough Council in 2022, much to the disappointment of voters and to the detriment of democracy, as stated in a recent Madison Eagle editorial. Democratic candidates for Madison […]
  • Madison Dems Accept LOWV Debate Invite and Urge Republicans to Do the Same.
    The non-partisan League of Women Voters has a long history of providing voters with access to information about candidates in local elections. The MDC joins the Democratic candidates for the Madison Borough Council, Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis, in urging […]
  • LETTER: No one better suited for Madison Borough Council than Rachel Ehrlich
    TO THE EDITOR: I’d like to ask my fellow Madison residents to vote for Rachel Ehrlich in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. As someone who follows council meetings pretty closely, I’ve seen Rachel dedicate so much […]
  • LETTER: Madison is lucky to have Ehrlich on Borough Council
    TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing to endorse incumbent candidate Rachel Ehrlich for Madison Borough Council. Ehrlich has shown that she’s committed to our town, the environment, and the people of Madison. She’s been transparent about her work, and always makes […]
  • LETTER: Cast votes for Ehrlich, Haralampoudis on June 7 in Madison
    TO THE EDITOR: It is hard to believe that after more than two years of great uncertainty and anxiety, our lives are slowly returning to normal. One of our normal activities is elections. June 7 brings us another primary election […]
  • LETTER: Madison Democrats Ehrlich, Haralampoudis deserve your votes on June 7
    TO THE EDITOR: Through the tough events that we are witnessing on a national and global front, it is very important to remember the foundations of our political system: local elections. That being said, this election season is becoming more […]
  • Ehrlich and Haralampoudis Urge all Democrats to Vote on June 7
    MADISON – In a joint statement, Council member Rachel Ehrlich of Kings Road and volunteer Tom Haralampoudis of Pomeroy Road urge all Madison Democrats to vote in the June 7 primary election. Ehrlich and Haralampoudis are running for the two […]
  • Rachel Ehrlich for Council
    When my family moved to Madison in 2015, we chose Madison for its vibrant and walkable downtown and excellent school system. We were thrilled to move to a lively neighborhood with sidewalks, a bike lane, and welcoming neighbors. Seven years […]
  • Tom Haralampoudis for Council
    In 1992, my wife, Christina, and I chose to make Madison our home.  Five children, two dogs and a lovely home with great neighbors later, we are sure we made the right decision. Madison continues to offer us so much […]
  • Declaring or Changing Party Affiliation
    In New Jersey, you must be a member of a political party to vote in the Primary. A registered voter who wants to change their party affiliation must file a Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form 55 days before a Primary […]
  • Democrats and Republicans Both Put Forth Two Candidates for Council
    According to the Madison Eagle, joining the MDC-endorsed candidates will be Matthew Van Natten, of Ridgedale Avenue, and Lenora Clark, of Seven Oaks Circle who are both are first-time candidates. Read more in our announcement about Rachel Ehrlich and Tom […]
  • Madison Democrats Endorse Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis for Madison Council
    Madison Democratic Committee (MDC) co-chairs, Alix Jennings and Christine Preston, announced that “following an extensive vetting process, MDC district representatives and elected officials voted to endorse Council member Rachel Ehrlich of Kings Road and long-time Madison volunteer Tom Haralampoudis of […]
  • The MDC Expresses Support for Ukraine
    We hope all countries and people who cherish democracy will do their utmost to push back against this Russian aggression, and help to restore an independent, democratic Ukraine.
  • The MDC Has Big Plans for 2022. We Invite You to Join Us.
    Be a part of making democracy happen! Join the MDC for informational sessions on January 19th and 24th about the role of Council Members and the election process. 2022 is going to be an important (if not critical) election year […]
  • Coen & Range Sworn Into Council; Baillie Thanked for Years of Service.
    At the Madison Borough Council reorganization meeting Monday January 3rd, Democrats Debra Coen and Eric Range began three-year terms on the Borough Council. Coen was reelected to her position and Range is serving his first term. Also at the meeting, […]
  • Madison Democratic Committee Withdraws Support for County Commissioner Candidate.
    MADISON – The Madison Democratic Committee (MDC) strongly believes in the importance of transparency and honesty from candidates seeking to represent us at all levels. Regretfully the MDC, in consultation with our members, has withdrawn support of A.J. Oliver for […]
  • Coen and Range Urge Madison Voters to Vote in 2021
    MADISON – In a joint statement, Councilwoman Debra Coen of Hoyt Street and Board of Health President Eric Range of Belleau Avenue urge all Madison registered voters to vote in the 2021 General Election.  (Registration for voting in the 2021 […]
  • Bottle Hill 2021: Great Day to be a Dem!
    Bottle Hill day returned to downtown Madison, after a year off due to COVID. Always a popular and well-attended event, the perfect weather made it an even bigger success. The MDC booth had a steady stream of visitors, checking out […]
  • What is on the Ballot for Nov 2021?
    New Jersey Voters will cast their votes on two Constitutional Amendments. Be prepared with some background information on each: New Jersey Raffle Money for Organizations Amendment This Amendment had unanimous bipartisan support and a “yes” vote supports allowing all organizations […]
  • Madison Democrats Kick-off Fall Campaign
    MADISON – Sunday, September 19 was a beautiful fall day in Madison.  It was a perfect afternoon for a picnic, as Councilwoman Debra Coen of Hoyt Street and Board of Health President Eric Range Belleau Avenue officially kicked-off their 2021 […]
  • Democrats Invited All to Campaign Kick-Off Picnic Sunday Sept. 19th.
    MADISON –Councilwoman Debra Coen and Madison Board of Health President Eric Range together with the Madison Democratic Committee (MDC) invite the public to the Madison Democrats’ Annual Campaign Kick-off Picnic to be held on Sunday, September 19 from 12:30 to […]
  • Democrats Support Commissioner Candidates at Summer Social
    MADISON – It was a perfect late July evening when Madison Democrats gathered in the backyard of Ann and Herm Huber’s historic Maple Avenue home for their annual summer social.  Unlike last year, when the Democrats had to settle on […]
  • Madison Eagle: Coen, Range win Democratic primary race in Madison Borough
    The Madison Eagle Published the article below about the Democratic Primary. Please note that there is an important correction to the article. There were a total of 32 Republican write-ins across all districts and mail-in/provisional ballots. At this time, no […]
  • Deb Coen Wins Bid for Re-Election with First-Time Candidate Eric Range
    In a contested Democratic primary, Councilwoman Deb Coen and Board of Health President Eric Range received the top two count of votes and will be on the ballot for the General election on November 2nd. Full details of the June […]
  • Deb Coen and Eric Range Say “Thank you” to All Voters, Following Their Primary Win.
    TO THE EDITOR: We strongly believe that every voter should be heard and every vote counts. So we wanted to take a brief moment to thank not only those who cast their votes for us, but also each and everyone […]
  • Coen and Range Urge all Democrats to Cast Their Votes on June 8
    MADISON – In a joint statement, Councilwoman Debra Coen of Hoyt Street and Board of Health President Eric Range of Belleau Avenue urge all Madison Democrats to vote in the June 8 primary election. Coen and Range are running in […]
  • LETTER: Vote for Coen and Range for Borough Council on Tuesday
    TO THE EDITOR: It goes without saying that we have gone through a very difficult 14 months of uncertainty and stress. We are now coming back to a new normal, slowly and carefully, which is just how it should be. […]
  • LETTER: Vote for Coen and Range in June 8 primary
    TO THE EDITOR: Our open spaces, including parks, trails, and recreation areas, are a key ingredient to what makes Madison such a wonderful place to live, work, and enjoy extensive time outdoors. Something I’ve come to appreciate with a deeper […]
  • Team Coen and Range Point to Records of Accomplishment
    In a joint statement, Councilwoman Debra Coen of Hoyt Street and Board of Health President Eric Range of Belleau Avenue point to their records of accomplishment in borough government.  Coen is running for reelection to the Madison Borough Council in […]
  • LETTER: Coen and Range see environment as top priority
    TO THE EDITOR: I read with interest the Madison Eagle article titled “Coen, Range, lay out campaign priorities in Madison”. As a senior at Madison High School, the community of Madison is very important to me and its long-term investment in addressing […]
  • Coen & Range Letters to the Editor
    Madison voters are excited to cast their votes for Deb and Eric on June 8th. Read below for some letters of support the team has received. You can learn more about these candidates and read about their priorities for Madison. […]
  • LETTER: Coen and Range will serve Madison well
    TO THE EDITOR: This June 8th, Deb Coen and Eric Range will be getting my votes for the two Council seats. I am passionate about preserving the character and history of Madison and I can’t think of two better stewards […]
  • LETTER: She’s voting for Coen and Range
    TO THE EDITOR: The pandemic year was devastating. Lives lost. Businesses closed. The whole world turned upside down. As I think about who to vote for on June 8th for the two Council seats, I think the way Madison has […]
  • Three Madison Dems square off in League sponsored debate
    From the Madison Eagle: MADISON – Three Democratic candidates vying for two seats on the Madison Borough Council squared off on a variety of issues in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Morristown Area on Tuesday, […]
  • Team Coen and Range Announce Campaign Priorities
    In a joint statement, Councilwoman Debra Coen of Hoyt Street and Board of Health President Eric Range of Belleau Avenue highlight their campaign priorities for the 2021 Borough Council campaign in advance of the contested primary on June 8th.  Coen […]
  • LETTER: Vote for Coen and Range for Madison Council
    TO THE EDITOR: I became a member of the Madison Board of Health in January 2020, obviously unaware of what the coming year would be like. Within three months of my start, the worst pandemic in a century hit Madison. […]
  • May Day, Madison Dems-Style
    May Day was back on the events calendar May 1st, much to the delight of many, including perennial (get what we did there?!) volunteers and MDC candidates Deb Coen and Eric Range. The day was filled with reminders of why […]
  • How Do I Know if I’m Getting a Ballot in the Mail?
    You can always contact the Clerk’s office to be 100% sure, but a quick way to check is to log into, or sign up for a My Voter Record account. Once you have logged into your account, click on the […]
  • League of Women Voters to Hold Virtual Candidates Forum May 11th
    On Tuesday, May 11th 2021 at 7pm, the League of Women Voters of the Morristown Area will host a virtual candidates forum between three candidates running for the democratic nomination for two Council Seats in the June 8th primary. The […]
  • Get Ready for the June 8th Primary
    Here are key details to make sure you are ready to vote: Make Sure You Are Eligible to Vote Visit the ATNJ voter page for the latest information. Check that you are registered to vote. You must have a party […]
  • MDC 2021 Campaign Graphics
  • NJ June 8th Primary to be In-Person for Most
    Governor Murphy announced in a March 22nd briefing that this year’s primary on June 8th will be largely in-person for most, with polling stations open and voters able to use voting machines. Many registered voters in New Jersey will NOT […]
  • Eric Range to Join Debra Coen in Race for Madison Council
    In a prepared statement, Councilwoman Debra Coen of Hoyt Street announced that she will be running with Board of Health President Eric Range of Belleau Avenue for election to the Madison Borough Council in 2021.  The candidates will appear together […]
  • Eric Range for Madison Borough Council
    I moved to the Madison area more than twenty years ago to attend college and never left. Madison is a community of “doers” whose fabric is woven by borough professionals and its many volunteers working together to create a vibrant […]
  • Deb Coen for Madison Borough Council
    Madison is a town that offers much to its residents, its business community, and to its visitors. We have a beautiful downtown, with fine schools, terrific amenities, and a wonderful sense of community.  This did not happen by accident.  It […]
  • John Hoover and Bob Landrigan Sworn in at Reorganization Meeting.
    At the Saturday January 2nd, 2021 Borough Reorganization Meeting, John Hoover and Bob Landrigan were sworn in during a mostly virtual meeting. Both democratic candidates won in a decisive victory in November. Congratulations to them both and thank you for […]
  • Madison Democrat Carmela Vitale Recognized for Years of Service.
    From the Madison Eagle: MADISON – Former Borough Council President Carmela Vitale was honored and congratulated at the annual Madison Reorganization meeting Saturday, Jan. 2. Vitale, a Democrat, served on the Borough Council for five full three-year terms, beginning when she […]
  • Democrats John Hoover and Bob Landrigan Victorious in 2020 Election.
    Election Results are Official. The Morris County Board of Elections has certified the 2020 election and the two Democrats, John Hoover and Bob Landrigan, won by healthy margins of nearly 1,000 votes each. The primarily paper ballot election showed a […]
  • Preparing for Election Night: Why We Shouldn’t Count on a Winner Declared.
    Traditionally, election night is eagerly anticipated as the payoff for the hopes and dreams of candidates locally and nationally. The MDC’s election night party typically features election results being processed in real-time and last year we had our winners by […]
  • Timeline for Elections to be Certified
    Even if a winner is declared in the Presidential Election in the coming weeks, that doesn’t mean it’s official. Here is the timeline: ASAP, no later than December 14, 2020: Governors’ Ascertainment of Results. The executive of each state is […]
  • LETTER: It was a Joy Voting for Hoover and Landrigan
    EDITOR: After what feels like an endless election season, I was happy to cast my ballot this month for (Democrats) Councilman John Hoover and Bob Landrigan for the Madison Borough Council. John was one of the first people my husband […]
  • LETTER: Madison can count on Hoover and Landrigan
    EDITOR: We support (Democratic candidates) John Hoover and Bob Landrigan for the Madison Borough Council on Nov. 3. We have served with both men on the Council. They are committed to the residents of Madison to maintain the services, continue […]
  • Madison Eagle Endorses Hoover and Landrigan for Council
    EDITORIAL: Hoover and Landrigan for Madison Council We enthusiastically endorse Democratic Councilman John Hoover and his running-mate, former Councilman Robert Landrigan, in the election to two seats on the Madison Borough Council. It’s hard to believe Hoover is completing his […]
  • LETTER: Vote for preservation of Madison’s character
    EDITOR: New Jersey Monthly’s September 2019 article “Madison Tops our 2019 List of Best Places to Live” mentions the words ‘history’ and ‘historic’ a total of five times, along with descriptions like these: • “Extremely civic-minded;” • “An ideal place […]
  • LETTER: Hoover deserves second term on Madison Council
    EDITOR: His license plate says “Big John,” and I think that about sums up a description of Democratic Councilman John Hoover who is running to be re-elected to the Madison Borough Council. Standing in front of his big 6-foot-plus frame, […]
  • Hoover and Landrigan Encourage Madison Voters to Return Their Paper Ballots Promptly
    MADISON – In a prepared announcement, Democratic candidates for Madison Borough Council, John Hoover of Overlook Drive and Bob Landrigan of Green Village Road, encourage all Madison residents to complete their paper ballots promptly and return them as quickly as […]
  • Local Madison Resident Target of Republican Congressional Candidate Rosemary Becchi.
    Articles on Madison Patch and in Politico have revealed a deliberate attempt by Congressional candidate Rosemary Becchi to intimidate a local Madison resident for his comments on her campaign’s social media accounts. These actions are both a threat to the […]
  • What is the Ballot Cure Act?
    HIGHLIGHTS of A4276, 4320, and A4475 With the 2020 elections in New Jersey being primarily vote by paper ballot, it became even more urgent to pass legislation to address the main reasons ballots are rejected and improve the chance that […]
  • Democrats Disappointed When Republicans Decline to Participate in Candidate Forum
    MADISON – In a joint prepared statement, Madison Councilman John Hoover and former Councilman Bob Landrigan express their concern that the Republican’s withdrawal from the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum will leave voters uninformed: We regretfully report that there will be no Candidates […]
  • Just the Facts: How Can I Help Share Voter Information ?
    It can be hard to share everything a voter needs. Save the image below and you can share it with anyone. You can even save it in your phone gallery and zoom in on the QR codes for easy scanning […]
  • Just the Facts: What Else is on the Ballot?
    It’s not just the President. Vote the entire ballot. In Madison we are voting for: President (Vote 1) US Senate (Vote 1) House of Representatives (Vote 1) Freeholder (Vote 1) Borough Council (Vote 2) Vote for Board of Education (Vote […]
  • Just the Facts: I trust the MDC, but Where Else Can I Get Voting Information?
    Glad you asked. There are lots of places to get credible voter information. Here are some: NJ Division of Elections Voter FAQ and Voter Information Portal. Morris County Clerk Elections Center. I am a voter. League of Women Voters. Vote […]
  • Just the Facts: Combating Misinformation.
    Be armed with the facts if you hear any of these. “It’s fraud, I just got a ballot for people who moved 5 years ago.” or “I got two ballots, one with my maiden name and one with married.” The […]
  • Just the Facts: What are the Security Measures in Place for Voting?
    Voting by paper ballot is convenient and secure. Here are some of the highlights: The paper ballot contents: The original Official Mail-in Ballot envelope and the prepaid postage return envelope has a unique bar code and Voter ID. Duplicate ballots […]
  • Just the Facts: What Options Do I have to Vote?
    There are three main ways to vote in this election. Recommended: Use the paper ballot you received in the mail. If you qualify, vote in person at Hartley Dodge on an ADA-compliant machine. Return your paper ballot directly to the […]
  • Just the Facts: How Can I Return my Paper Ballot?
    If you signed up for Vote By Mail, ballots will arrive in mailboxes starting September 24th. First, find out if you are signed up to receive your ballot in the mail. Once you have your ballot, complete and return it […]
  • Just the Facts: Election Timeline
    What are the key dates to be aware of, up to and after the election? Now: Voting is happening. Do not wait until November 3rd to return your ballot! October 5th: If you have not received your ballot by this […]
  • Just the Facts: Navigating and Completing Your Ballot.
    Watch this video to learn how to complete and return your ballot >>> Navigating Your Paper Ballot Are you a visual person? Here are the main steps to complete your ballot and detailed instructions are below. TIP: If you do […]
  • Just the Facts: What to Do When Something Goes Wrong.
    Voting by paper ballot is new to a lot of New Jersey Voters. What could go wrong and what should you do about it? There are two offices that handle elections and have different roles. The Morris County Clerk’s office […]
  • Just the Facts: Creating a Voter Account.
    Every New Jersey voter can, and should, create a state voter account. Why? Confirm if you are an active voter. Track the receipt and acceptance of your ballot. Note: Due to high volume of ballots, it will take 1 to […]
  • Just the Facts: Signature Matching.
    When you complete your paper ballot, you must sign the certification envelope. How does it work from here? Hint: Don’t worry about that middle name. Read more about the legislation that made ballot curing possible.
  • Just the Facts: Provisional Ballots
    Voters who decide to go to a polling station on November 3rd will likely be voting by provisional ballot. What does this mean and how does it work? For most, you can only vote by provisional ballot at the polls […]
  • LETTER: Democrats have record of service to Madison
    EDITOR: Three years ago, I was a campaign volunteer to help elect (Democrat) John Hoover to the Madison Borough Council. As I walked door-to-door with John, I got to know him and his great volunteer spirit. I was impressed with […]
  • LETTER: Vote Hoover and Landrigan for Madison Council
    EDITOR: As ballots begin to arrive in our mailboxes, I look forward to selecting Hoover and Landrigan (the Democratic ticket of Councilman John Hoover and former Councilman Robert Landrigan) for the Madison Borough Council. As the Borough Council’s liaison to […]
  • LETTER: Stealing lawn signs is trespassing and theft
    EDITOR: After seeing at least 10 — and counting — friends report that their lawn signs were stolen, I wanted to write this letter to make a few things clear. First, the typical reaction is along the lines of: “It’s […]
  • LETTER: Vote the Democratic line
    EDITOR: I am so excited to finally receive my ballot in the mail today. Surprisingly, many New Jerseyans do not yet understand that in this state, all voting is going to be done by mail. There are exceptions for those […]
  • Democrats Highlight Sound and Compassionate Municipal Budget
    MADISON – In a joint prepared statement, Madison Councilman John Hoover and former Councilman Bob Landrigan point to a 2020 municipal budget that is both “fiscally sound and compassionate.” John Hoover of Overhill Drive is running for a second three-year […]
  • LETTER: Madison does right thing on affordable housing
    EDITOR: I am writing to applaud the Madison Borough Council for its vote on Sept. 14 to approve the recent settlement with the Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC), a statewide affordable housing advocacy group. New Jersey’s struggle to provide a realistic opportunity […]
  • LETTER: Send mail-in ballot early to make your vote count
    EDITOR: Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020 will be the most important election of our lifetime. We encourage all Madisonians to participate and not to wait until Election Day to vote. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the election will be primarily Vote […]
  • Letters to the Editor
    Read about why Madison voters support our candidates and what matters most. 2019 Letters
  • LETTER: Vote for Hoover and Landrigan
    EDITOR: I’d like to ask my fellow Madison residents to vote for John Hoover and Bob Landrigan in the upcoming election when you get your VBM ballot after Oct. 5th. As a resident of Madison for the past 18 years […]
  • Madison Dems Welcome Mikie Sherrill to #1 Best Places to Live in NJ
    Representative Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11), made a visit to Madison on Sunday, September 14th. The live concert in front of the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts was the main attraction, but the visit included stops to local businesses like San Francisco Mercantile, […]
  • Democrats Point to Benefits of Open Space Fund
    MADISON – In a joint prepared statement, Democratic candidates for Madison Borough Council, Councilman John Hoover of Overhill Drive and former Councilman Bob Landrigan of Green Village Road express their continuing support of the Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation […]
  • Madison Democratic Committee en español
    Declaracion de John Hoover Disfruté muchísimo de mi experiencia para representando las votantes de Madison en el Consejo de Ciudad en los últimos tres años. Estoy muy orgulloso que lo que hemos logrado juntos para hacer de Madison el mejor lugar […]
  • New Online Voter Registration Launches in NJ
    The brand new NJ online voter registration site was launched on Friday September 4th. Those looking register need to do so by October 13th and will need a valid driver’s license, an identification card issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission, […]
  • Valores y Prioridades- 2020
    Nuestra visión para Madison y como lo hacemos Se necesita visión, liderazgo y experiencia para que una ciudad como Madison funcione sin problemas. Para ser buenos administradores de nuestra maravillosa ciudad, también necesita amor por Madison y una conexión profunda […]
  • Volunteer and Make a Difference.
    Here is a list of volunteer opportunities. To volunteer with the MDC, please complete the Contact Us form. Local Grassroots Organizations  Many members of the Madison Democratic Committee also participate in volunteer actions from local grassroots organizations.  Some include: Action […]