LETTER: Democratic team will keep Madison ‘No. 1’

EDITOR: I am writing to urge the residents of Madison to join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Bob Conley, and to vote for Maureen Byrne, and Rachel Ehrlich for Borough Council (the Democratic candidates for Madison Mayor and Council). I have worked closely with all three candidates and can say they will represent everyone fairly and continue to make Madison the No. 1 town in New Jersey.

Mayor Bob Conley and I have served together on the Madison Borough Council for many years. As Mayor, he has led a bipartisan Council that has provided generous services, low taxes and responsible pay-as-you-go capital investment. The Council under Mayor Conley’s leadership restored Madison’s Triple A bond rating, created a strategic plan and guidelines for the budget process and the town’s growth, provided an electric rate dividend, invested in our recreational facilities and parks, and supported the revitalization of our downtown business district. The strength of Mayor Conley’s leadership helped Madison to be named the No. 1 town in New Jersey by the NJ Monthly magazine.

Maureen Byrne joined me on the Madison Borough Council three years ago. Maureen brings thoughtfulness and a keen analytical mind to Council discussions on the budget, affordable housing, pedestrian safety, recreational needs, and protecting our quality of life in Madison. Maureen cares deeply about Madison and will continue to work diligently to make Madison a great place to live.

Rachel Ehrlich currently serves on the Planning Board. Rachel has been a thoughtful and well informed Board member. She also serves on the Planning Board’s Master Plan committee. Her background as an architect has been particularly helpful to the Board, and she offers a valuable perspective in addressing the challenges the town faces in integrating old and new development. Rachel will be an outstanding member on the Borough Council.

Please vote to re-elect Mayor Bob Conley and Council member Maureen Byrne and elect Rachel Ehrlich on Nov. 5.

Read the letter on the Madison Eagle.


East Lane