LETTER: Democrats have record of service to Madison

EDITOR: Three years ago, I was a campaign volunteer to help elect (Democrat) John Hoover to the Madison Borough Council. As I walked door-to-door with John, I got to know him and his great volunteer spirit. I was impressed with his long-standing commitment to supporting Madison’s seniors and downtown businesses.

Now, as I work side by side with John on the Borough Council, I appreciate even more his perspective and his deliberative process. He is a hard-working volunteer who thoughtfully balances all the information and opinions to vote in the best interest of Madison residents and businesses.

This year, I am pleased to vote for John and his running-mate, Bob Landrigan. Like John, Bob is a long-standing volunteer and leader in Madison. He served as the Coordinator of the Madison Office of Emergency Management (OEM) through Hurricane Irene, the October snowstorm, and Hurricane Sandy, and he has served on the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps for the past 23 years. I am impressed with Bob’s record as a past two-term Council member, where he worked to preserve Madison’s open spaces and ensure a safe, healthy environment for all.

Voting day is Today! Please return your mail-in ballot, and join me in voting for John Hoover and Bob Landrigan for the Madison Borough Council.



Kings Road


Editor’s note: The writer is a Democratic member of the Madison Borough Council.

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