LETTER: Conley, Byrne and Ehrlich are dedicated neighbors

EDITOR: We live in contentious times — times when even the most local events are marred by political extremism.

But over the past five or so years, the Madison Council has distinguished itself by its non-partisan focus on making Madison a town that is safe for all of us.

I have sometimes been frustrated when policies or programs I favor have not been taken up by the Council. And every time that happens, I realize that This Council takes very seriously its responsibility to all Madisonians, not just to Democrats.

Mayor Bob Conley (Democratic candidate for re-election) has lovingly steered our little ship of state through rocky waters. He and this Council are as fiscally conservative as any could wish, and it is due to their attention to every dime that Madison had no tax increase this year, that it has a AAA bond rating, and that it has found ways to pay-as-we-go, so we never encounter financial emergencies that require borrowing at whatever the market rate is.

We have an electric utility that is not only the envy or surrounding towns, but often their helpmate. Our Department of Public Works has expanded its services to our parks, to our streets, to the challenges of increased traffic and trash. We have a brilliant entity for conservation and preservation in Madison’s Open Space program, and we have a wonderful local library and schools. Our police, fire, and emergency services work smoothly and well.

This Council is comprised of our dedicated neighbors, folks who study every issue and who care about the welfare of every resident. I admire their transparency and their open-mindedness. If exceptional service is something you, too, value, I urge you to sustain it by voting for Conley (as mayor), Councilwoman Maureen Byrne (Democratic candidate for re-election), and Rachel Ehrlich (Democratic candidate for the Madison Borough Council) on Tuesday, Nov. 5.


Shadylawn Drive