LETTER: Keep Bob Conley in the Mayor’s seat

EDITOR: Bob Conley (Democratic candidate for re-election) has been an able Mayor for Madison and should be supported for another term in the November election.

A lifelong Madison resident, he has provided dedicated service both as a member of Council and as Mayor. He has helped lead us in responding to the ongoing challenges of maintaining the best of Madison’s qualities — its small-town charm, safety, walkability and neighborhoods.

At the same time, he has prudently guided the town’s finances, repairing both our credit rating and our roads. The Borough’s ability to take care of infrastructure and other capital projects without adding debt or raising taxes is a result of Bob’s careful stewardship.

Throughout his service he has displayed the humility, leadership and team spirit to bring the Council and town together in moving forward. He’s the best person to lead us in the years ahead.

Bob’s running mates, Councilwoman Maureen Byrne (Democratic candidate for re-election) and Rachel Ehrlich (Democrat for council) complete his election team. Maureen is a seasoned member of the Council who brings a wealth of experience that voters should be keen to keep in place. Rachel, while a more recent Madison resident, has already been serving in an important capacity on the Planning Board. Her intelligence, energy and conviction are evident in every conversation.

Maureen and Rachel will be excellent partners with Bob and others on the Council in keeping Madison the No. 1 town in all of New Jersey. Vote for all three on Nov. 5.


Maple Avenue