Madison Eagle Editorial Board Endorses Ehrlich and Haralampoudis for Council

The Madison Eagle announced their endorsement of incumbent Rachel Ehrlich and candidate Tom Haralampoudis for two council seats in the upcoming election.

The following are excerpts from the Madison Eagle Endorsement:

EDITORIAL: All Madison voters benefit from the Republican Party’s return to the Borough Council race this year. The two Democratic candidates, however, based on their individual merits, have distinguished themselves as the clear choices on Election Day.

Democrats Rachel Ehrlich, an incumbent, and Tom Haralampoudis are running against Republicans Lenora Clark and Matt Van Natten in a race for two seats on the council on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

We endorse Ehrlich and Haralampoudis.

Ehrlich brings a proactive vision and knowledge of national and regional trends to council discussions, particularly those surrounding land use. As Madison navigates its way through changes, it is important to elect representatives who think 10 years ahead and consider the larger context.

Haralampoudis is a Democrat, but it is important to note that he has a longer and more substantive history of challenging the all-Democratic council than either of the Republicans in this race. If Haralampoudis is elected, we trust that he will bring that critical perspective to council business and hope that somebody else takes up the mantle of asking the tedious questions from the audience.

In this race, the two best candidates are Democrats. We urge residents to vote for Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis on Tuesday, Nov. 8.