LETTER: Excited to vote for Ehrlich, Haralampoudis in Madison

TO THE EDITOR: I’m excited to vote (again) for Rachel Ehrlich for Madison Borough Council.

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to know Rachel personally over the past few years and am consistently impressed by her commitment to ensuring our town continues to flourish as a strong, kind and safe community.

Rachel is someone who has a clear, positive and proactive vision for the future of Madison and perhaps even more importantly, practices what she preaches. In fact, you may have spotted her riding an electric bike around town or heard her talking about transitioning her home off of fossil fuels.

She also adds a unique and distinct voice to the council as a working mother who commutes into New York City several times each week.

I’m also impressed by Tom Haralampoudis’ deep commitment to Madison as a businessperson and volunteer and know that he will be an asset as councilperson.

I’ll be casting my vote for him on Nov. 8, too, and am excited to see how both of these awesome candidates will continue to guide our beloved borough forward.