LETTER: Democrats make a strong team for Madison

EDITOR: As a new member of the Madison Borough Council, I have learned that having the right people to work with is the key to accomplishing necessary and ambitious goals, goals that under (Democratic) Mayor Bob Conley’s leadership have made Madison the No. 1 small town in New Jersey.

He strives for consensus from the council, makes sure that we hear a diverse set of views from all around town — from the youngest children to the adults and seniors who are lifelong Madisonians — and he welcomes newcomers to Madison warmly. With the council, he has worked to revive downtown Madison while preserving its small-town feel.

To continue this work, Bob needs a strong team beside him. As a member of the Council, (Democrat) Maureen Byrne was not only welcoming to me, but also has provided thoughtful guidance as I found my way. She is an active volunteer in the community and her insights provide explanation and information to residents on a variety of topics. Maureen is not afraid to ask the questions that ensure we make decisions in Madison’s best interests.

Rachel Ehrlich (Democratic candidate for the Borough Council) brings a great perspective and new ideas to the ticket. She will bring her experience on the Planning Board to the council. In addition, she has wealth of knowledge on our environment and has ideas about how we can help Madison become a more sustainable town.

I urge you all to vote for Bob Conley, Maureen Byrne and Rachel Ehrlich on Nov. 5.


Hoyt Street


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