LETTER: Trump isn’t as far from Madison as we imagine

EDITOR: Madison’s borough elections are partisan, meaning that candidates run as Democrats and Republicans. We like to say that in Madison we rise above such labels to do what’s best for our town, and I think that’s mostly true. But there’s a reason we identify as Democrat or Republican and it speaks to our values.

Madison has suffered in recent years at the hands of Republicans in federal government. The Trump administration has repeatedly blocked progress on the Gateway Tunnel, a vital NJ Transit artery that directly affects quality of life and property values in our town. Additionally, the tax plan passed by congressional Republicans in December 2017 raised taxes for many in Madison and similar communities across New Jersey. A recent Moody’s Analytics study showed that Morris County property values are 9 percent lower because of it.

On Oct. 8, Madison Republicans held a fundraiser headlined by the co-chair of “Women for Trump 2020.” On the Madison Republicans website, one can find the three Republican borough candidates posing with her in a picture, amid gushing statements about the current administration.

I know many Republicans in Madison; in fact, I’m married to one. Almost all of them are disgusted by Donald Trump, especially in light of recent revelations. His thoughtless and narcissistic behavior is frequently an affront to decent people of all political stripes. And yet, we now know that the Republican borough candidates go beyond tolerating him and actively embrace him. Are those the values we want representing us, in these challenging times?

Please join me on Nov. 5 in voting for Democrats Mayor Bob Conley, Councilwoman Maureen Byrne, and Rachel Ehrlich (Democrat for council), whose sound judgment and ethical values are unapologetically pro-Madison.


Pomeroy Road


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