LETTER: Madison Democratic candidates thank community for election support

TO THE EDITOR: We wish to extend our gratitude to the voters of the Borough of Madison who participated in the democratic process.

We also thank the League of Women Voters, Madison Eagle and the Morris County chapter of the NAACP for providing the opportunity for all of the council candidates to participate in a live forum where citizens could learn more about each person’s platform.

We thank Michael Martinez for his willingness to participate in the forum and for running a good campaign. We also recognize how lucky we are to live in a town which has a local paper which provides subscribers the opportunity to learn more about candidates through news coverage, letters to the editor and candidate statements.

Thank you to the voters of the Borough of Madison for the strong show of support. We each look forward to serving the community in the best way we can. As we near Thanksgiving, all of us have much to be grateful for, including being part of such a wonderful town.