LETTER: Madison is lucky to have Ehrlich on Borough Council

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing to endorse incumbent candidate Rachel Ehrlich for Madison Borough Council.

Ehrlich has shown that she’s committed to our town, the environment, and the people of Madison. She’s been transparent about her work, and always makes herself available to anyone with questions about her positions on key issues or, more generally, how things work in our local government.

We are lucky to have someone with her professional experience, passion, and commitment on our Borough Council.

I’m also writing with a plea to my fellow community members. Primary elections typically have low turnout. Right now it might feel like voting in an uncontested primary isn’t worth it, or it’s not enough.

Truth is, it isn’t enough. It’s never been enough. Helping our most vulnerable community members takes more than votes. We can see that plain as day, every single day, and even more on the dark, gut-punch days when supermarket shoppers and children are murdered by weapons built for one purpose, to kill and maim with speed.

It’s easy to feel hopeless, but hope? Hope is active. It’s a verb. Let’s start to do some hope by casting votes for Rachel Ehrlich and for Mikie Sherrill (our incumbent congressperson) on June 7.