LETTER: Madison needs Haralampoudis on Borough Council

TO THE EDITOR: I am tired of Washington politics. I want Madison to be a haven for civic-minded leaders doing the right thing for the community.

We place a lot of trust in our Madison Borough Council. Their actions directly impact the quality of our lives. Most of us don’t have time to attend every public session. We need stewards who look out for our best interest, and at the end of the day, make decisions realizing that the decisions they make directly impact our lives and involve spending residents hard earned money.

Tom Haralampoudis embodies these qualities. He gives unselfishly to the community, including serving on the Library Board, Madison Board of Health, Madison Rotary, Madison sports programs and previously as a Board of Education member. He connects constantly with other borough committees that keep our community running. He is proactively acting on climate actions that will improve our lives and the future of Madison. He looks at issues from every vantage point and has the community experience to know their lasting impact.

Tom is a businessman, he knows the importance of a sound planning and spending. He is a great neighbor, who actively communicates and gets involved in community issues. Most important, Tom Haralampoudis is the person you can trust to do the right thing, a roll-Up-your-sleeves, behind-the-scenes fighter for keeping Madison one of the great places to live in New Jersey. Tom is what Madison needs on its Borough Council.