LETTER: Conley, Byrne and Ehrlich work for Madison as a team

EDITOR: I am writing to request that Madison residents vote for the (Democratic) Team of Bob Conley for Mayor, and Maureen Byrne and Rachel Ehrlich for Borough Council.

I will not re-list all of their many contributions to the citizens, nor their vision and plans for the future of Madison. They have been presented numerous times on the pages of this newspaper. They are also available for reference on the website of the Madison Democratic Committee: www.madisonnjdems.com.

It’s the fact they are a Team that is also important. Not only are they campaigning together, but they collaborate and work for your benefit. They do indeed offer a set of complementary skills, experience, and vision.

Each is an independent, intelligent, creative thinker. But they realized a long time ago the power of working collaboratively and with integrity for the greater good. There isn’t a stronger Team available.

Please vote for Conley, Byrne, and Ehrlich on Nov. 5.


Borough Councilman

Overhill Drive


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