LETTER: Vote for Forte to support Madison’s future

TO THE EDITOR: I’d like to write in support of John Forte for Madison Borough Council.

I’ve known John personally since we were teens, and he is just the type of respectful intellectual with a deep love of our town that we want helping make decisions and guiding our town’s future.

He also has tons of experience supporting Madison, having served on the Downtown Development Commission, 19 years on the Historic Preservation Commission, 15 years on the Planning Board where he also served as Vice Chairman for multiple terms, former trustee of the Hartley Dodge Foundation, where he was on the Finance Committee and committed to making funds available for the maintenance and updates to the Hartley Dodge Memorial.

He was also the chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee where he led efforts to make improvements to the building, including hiring the premier firm, Historic Building Architects.

As a fifth-generation resident who cares deeply about Madison, I don’t think you’ll find a better candidate for Borough Council. John is kind, raising two children in the Madison school system, and is knowledgeable of the issues that face parents and community members. He is respectful of the past while focused on the present and future.

Please join me in coming out to vote for John Forte to support Madison’s future!