LETTER: Forte offers thoughtful leadership in Madison

TO THE EDITOR: Hey Madison! Tuesday, Nov.  7 is election day. If you’re just scratching your head, wondering who to vote for Borough Council, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, John Forte.

I’ve known John for 15 years, and it’s been a privilege.

John (a fifth-generation resident) understands the balance between preserving Madison’s charm and the need for economic growth. John’s commitment runs deep.

John was chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee of the Hartley Dodge Foundation. He has served 19 years on Historic Preservation Commission and has served 15 years on the Madison Planning Board. Also, no one could give you a better tour of our town.

A fitting word to describe John Forte’s leadership is thoughtfulness. He doesn’t get lost in the weeds or into petty arguments. John works hard with everyone to do what’s best for Madison.

John Forte has earned his election for council, and I hope you will join me in voting for him.