LETTER: Former councilwoman supports Ehrlich, Haralampoudis in Madison election

TO THE EDITOR: On Nov. 8, I will be voting for Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis.

As a former Madison Borough Council member, I have worked with both Rachel and Tom.

Rachel and I served on the Planning Board and we served on the Borough Council together. Rachel is very thorough and thoughtful in her work to make Madison a great place to live. Her background as an architect was very helpful on the Planning Board as well as the council. Her knowledge of energy sustainability and energy efficiency are not only important for Madison’s future but will be an economic benefit to our residents.

I have known Tom for many years. He is passionate about making Madison the No. 1 town in New Jersey! He has served on many of the borough’s committees as well as having served on the school board. His goal is always to do what’s best for the residents. Tom will make sure the council delivers the services the residents have come to expect while watching the bottom line.

Rachel and Tom will serve Madison well. Please help me elect Rachel and Tom on Nov. 8.