LETTER: Madison’s a wonderful town and there’s a reason

EDITOR: My husband and I came to Madison nearly four years ago. We had both spent most of our life living in the New York City area, and moving to a small town in the suburbs was a tremendous change.

Here’s the thing I have grown, unexpectedly, to love over the past four years — we have a town government that listens to the people who live here. To feel like I have a voice in what happens in Madison has made me all the more eager to get involved, to volunteer, to help keep our town strong and stable. I credit Mayor Bob Conley’s leadership for building this spirit of transparency and creating an atmosphere that invites conversation and questions from everyone who makes Madison their home.

Of course, as homeowners, we are keenly interested in the financial decisions made at the town level that affect our taxes and property value. I’ve been impressed time and time again with the transparency of the town when it comes to how our money is spent. If I can’t make a Borough Council meeting, I can watch it on television later. The many reports, summations, and other communications coming from the town couldn’t be clearer. If I have a question, I get a call or email back in a timely manner. From what I see happening in other towns near and far, what we have in Madison is exceptional. No doubt it’s part of the reason we were named the No. 1 New Jersey town by NJ Monthly. They did their research, and we do indeed deserve that top spot.

For all these reasons, I enthusiastically support the re-election of (Democrats) Mayor Bob Conley and Councilwoman Maureen Byrne, and the election of Rachel Ehrlich (Democrat for Borough Council). I know all three candidates, I’ve worked with them on volunteer projects, talked to them at town events, and researched their positions on all the issues that concern us all from the electric rates to the preservation of open spaces. I’m impressed with their thoughtful and careful plans for Madison, their generous spirits, and their commitment to making Madison the absolute best town it can be.


Green Village Road

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