LETTER: Vote for Coen and Range for Madison Council

TO THE EDITOR: I became a member of the Madison Board of Health in January 2020, obviously unaware of what the coming year would be like.

Within three months of my start, the worst pandemic in a century hit Madison. During my first year on the board, I served along with Eric Range, the president of the Board of Health, and Deb Coen, the Madison Borough Council liaison to the board.

Throughout the pandemic, I was very impressed with Eric’s comprehensive and well-organized presentations to the board about COVID-19 infections in Madison, Morris County, and N.J.

During a board meeting at the end of last year, Madison Department of Health nurse supervisor Marlene Dolan recognized Eric’s expertise in data management and data analysis and his efforts to provide the Board of Health and the Madison community the big picture of COVID-19 trends in our county and state.

Eric also helped in keeping our Health Department up-to-date with the many new state COVID guidelines so that Madison was doing all that it could to keep its residents safe.

Deb Coen, as council liaison, took her role very seriously and attended all the board meetings, and provided important updates at council meetings about the pandemic.

I was very impressed by the work ethic and professionalism of both Deb and Eric and I hope that join with me in supporting them for Borough Council in the June primary.