Ehrlich, Haralampoudis thank Madison community for support after election win

MADISON – Borough Councilwoman Rachel Ehrlich and Councilman-elect Tom Haralampoudis thanked residents for their support after winning three-year terms on the Borough Council in the Tuesday, Nov. 8 general election.

The Democratic candidates defeated Republicans Lenora Clark and Matt Van Natten in the contest for two seats on the all-Democratic governing body.

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“I’m eager to keep working on these issues of planning, land use, recreation, infrastructure, and safety. It’s an honor to serve Madison, and I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue the work.”

Rachel Ehrlich

“Regardless of national party affiliation, all Madison residents must work together to help our town, community organizations, residents of all demographics and economic levels. What we give to the community with time and insight will be rewarded, keeping Madison great.

Tom Haralampoudis

Rachel and Tom thanked all their supporters and volunteers for working to get them elected and shared their enthusiasm for continuing to work for Madison. They urged everyone to get involved and make a difference.