LETTER: New redistricting impacts Madison

TO THE EDITOR: This November 7 election – like every election – is not one to sit out.

The 2023 election results will have a huge impact on who represents Madison in Trenton and this is a crucial time to make your vote count. As many of you know, the New Jersey legislative districts (LD) were redone in 2022, commonly referred to as redistricting.

This redistricting impacted Madison directly, moving us from LD27, led by Senator Dick Codey and Assembly members John McKeon and Mila Jasey, to LD 25, led by Senator Anthony Bucco Jr. and Assembly members Brian Bergen and Aura Dunn.

Madison residents did not elect the incumbents running in LD25 for the upcoming election. These Republican incumbents have taken actions to dehumanize women and the LBGTQ+ community and further undermine our environment. I urge you to take a look at who would be representing us in Trenton if re-elected.

If, like me, you find your values would not be represented by the current LD25 members, please consider voting for Christine Clarke for the NJ Senate and NJ Assembly candidates Dr. Jonathan Torres and Diane Salvatore, a Madison resident.

This promises to be a close election so if you want representatives in Trenton who support human dignity and want to ensure we, along with our children, can continue to enjoy this planet, vote for Clarke, Torres and Salvatore: https://www.teamld25.com/about.

Please make your plan to vote. Key dates available here: nj.gov/state/elections/vote.shtml.