Our Priorities for Madison

  • Actively listen to the community about priorities; act with transparency and accountability
  • Continue downtown revitalization with Waverly Place redesign
  • Upgrade Cook Ave parking lot for improved parking and attractive design
  • Prioritize enhanced senior services
  • Expand affordable housing that makes living in Madison attainable for more
  • Protect and preserve the beautiful Hartley Dodge Memorial Building

I believe Madison can continue to build on walkability and accessibility. We can continue to foster positive relationships with area colleges and universities to engage students, build connections, and protect resources such as the Drew Forest. As a community, we will need to work together to consider the future use of Giralda Farms given the shifting ways of corporate workplaces and the need for affordable and senior friendly housing.

Candidate Melissa Honohan
  • Continue Madison’s leadership role in achieving climate action goals
  • Fight to preserve the Drew Forest and other vital open spaces
  • Prioritize strategic investments in solar, EV, and other earth-friendly initiatives

Working together to save the Drew Forest will draw upon my experience in bringing all parties to the table. We must preserve this vital and irreplaceable open space and protect it from being developed. This effort is just a part of the overall priority I place on positioning Madison as a proactive leader on climate change.

Mayor Bob Conley
  • Prioritize health and safety by partnering with public safety leaders locally and nationally
  • Invest in parks and recreation with new recreation trails, pickleball courts,
    and accessible Dodge Field playground

I have always understood and appreciated everything that Madison has to offer.  Madison has a charming downtown, a mix of businesses, diversity, good schools, a significant historic building inventory, wonderful residential neighborhoods, parks, fields, and preserved open spaces.  In addition, I value Madison’s overwhelming sense of community, with an emphasis on volunteerism.  To me, Madison represents an ideal American town.

Council member John Forte
  • Make sound investments that reflect the values and priorities of Madison residents
  • Protect revenue sources to maintain quality of municipal services
  • Invest in our road, sewer, and utility infrastructure to deliver for residents

I continue to advocate for frugal and prudent spending and backed budgets that imposed minimal property tax increases on our residents. This has not been easy as recent years have seen increased costs at the same time that we’ve faced revenue challenges.  As a Senior Real Estate Tax Analyst in a major New York tax appeal firm, I recognize the challenges in property values and taxes faced by homeowners, corporations and the Borough.

Council member Bob Landrigan