LETTER: Support state, local Democratic candidates in Madison

TO THE EDITOR: Madison is a special, little town in the heart of Republican Morris County and now the 25th State Legislative District.

What makes Madison special is its people who give of their time to more than 100 non-profit groups who come together to make our community better. They are helped in every way by our Mayor and Council who keep a steady hand on our growth, our taxes and our services.

For the past decade we were in the 27th Legislative District and our State Senator Richard Codey and Assembly representatives John McKeon and Mila Jasey also had our best interest at heart. But, due to redistricting, we are no longer in the same district. We are now a part of District 25, where the ballot pits Anthony Bucco, heir to his father’s seat, and two unknown quantities, who can simply win by virtue of their Republican registration.

We cannot afford to let that happen. Nor can we afford to sit out this election. Please vote for Christine Clarke, for state Senate and Jonathan Torres and Diane Salvatore, for Assembly. They represent our values for a clean energy economy and personal liberties.

I am also asking you to vote once again for Mayor Robert Conley, to re- elect Councilman Bob Landrigan and elect John Forte and Melissa Honohan to the Madison Borough Council. Mr. Forte and Ms. Honohan have been fixtures in our numerous municipal programs and activities. They will make great additions to our Council. You know the saying: vote early and vote often – no, no, no, I mean vote early, vote by mail or vote on Nov. 7th.