Bob Landrigan Continues to Build a Legacy of Service to Madison’s Community 

MADISON – Borough Councilman Robert Landrigan, who is seeking another three years on the council on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7, shared his take on politics in a recent statement.

“Party affiliation doesn’t matter,” he said at a League of Women Voters candidate debate on Sept. 26.  “Hell, when I first ran, I ran as a Republican. People in this town want the person who’s best qualified for the job, what their background is, what their experience is.  They want what’s best for this town.”

And in the over 35 years he’s lived in Madison, Landrigan’s done his best to make sure Madison’s the best possible town it can be, too. “I have devoted myself to giving back to the community,” he explained. “I appreciate living and serving in a town whose residents value and look out for one another, where fiscal prudence and careful budgeting has helped us weather the uncertainty of recent years, and where volunteerism is one of its greatest assets.”

Landrigan has put a great deal of personal efforts into maintaining that asset in particular: “I have proudly served as a volunteer in many different ways over the years including serving as the Coordinator of the Madison Office of Emergency Management through Hurricane Irene, the October Snowstorm and Hurricane Sandy, I negotiated $2 million in reimbursements with FEMA and worked to get the Borough up and running after these storms.”

Landrigan has also served on Madison’s Volunteer Ambulance Corps for over 25 years as an EMT, Captain, and President, in addition to having served as an Auxiliary Police Officer.  As a continuing member of the Downtown Development Committee (DDC) he takes great pride in Madison’s vibrant downtown. Ultimately, he sees his considerable contributions to the Rose City quite fitting given its community: “Madisonians appreciate the sacrifices volunteers make, and, no matter what part of the town we live in or the size of our home or apartment, we are all equally valued residents of this town.”

That said, Landrigan doesn’t look at Madison through rose tinted lenses: “As a Senior Real Estate Tax Analyst in a major New York tax appeal firm, I recognize the challenges in property values and taxes faced by homeowners, corporations and the Borough,” he says. “I continue to advocate for frugal and prudent spending and backed budgets that imposed minimal property tax increases on our residents. This has not been easy as recent years have seen increased costs at the same time that we’ve faced revenue challenges.”

As a three term Councilmember, Landrigan has been elected both as a Republican and as a Democrat, which he believes makes him particularly well suited for taking on Madison’s pending challenges which include protecting our environment and preserving the ongoing viability of Drew University while saving its surrounding forest: “To sit by and hope things work out is not an option for me,” he states, adding that his Democratic running mates are cut from a similar cloth. “We take our responsibilities seriously as we appreciate its rich history and commit to doing the hard work to protect the future of the town we love. I am optimistic that the residents of Madison will once again put their faith in me and re-elect me to serve on Council so I can continue to have a positive impact on this vibrant and special community.”

Election day is November 7th. In addition to the vote-by-mail option, early voting runs October 28th through Sunday November 5th. Voters can read more about the candidates on the Madison Democratic Committee website:  or on the MDC Facebook page: