Madison Councilmember Ehrlich and Friends of the Drew Forest Win Environmental Awards

The Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) has acknowledged the work of Borough Councilmember Rachel Ehrlich through its Municipal Leadership Award, following in the footsteps of Mayor Robert H. Conley, who won in 2021.

This is an excerpt from an article that you can read in full on the Madison Eagle.

In recognizing Ehrlich for her climate work, ANJEC highlighted the councilwoman’s forward-looking strategy of embedding climate action into borough planning.

“This is work that involves goals, measurements and collaboration,” notes Ehrlich. “By working with department heads and experienced borough staff, green teams in towns like Madison can help plan for cost and energy savings while cutting carbon pollution.”

This award joins other acknowledgments received by Councilmember Ehrlich, who is running for reelection along with longtime Madison volunteer Tom Haralampoudis. The team has be awarded a number of climate-related endorsements and has a strong commitment and vision to addressing climate change starting at the local level. Read more about these impressive candidates and their campaign.