LETTER: Vote for Conley, Landrigran, Forte and Honohan in Madison election

TO THE EDITOR: Working with Mayor Bob Conley was a great example of how to ensure a town continues to grow while maintaining its small-town charm. He is easy for the community to talk to, willing to listen to all opinions, and any time we debated, compromise was always an option.

Although I did not have the opportunity to work on many things with Councilman Bob Landrigan, he always had the best in mind for Madison with every decision he made. And in the cases in which we disagreed, there was an understanding that not agreeing was acceptable and we could work together for the common good.

I do not know Councilman John Forte, but I will always be grateful that he was able to step in for me not only as a council member, but also by furthering the diversity initiative that I began. I am glad to see that this is still in good hands.

Lastly, I have worked several years with Melissa Honohan on the Madison Soccer Club. She is a dedicated person who puts her entire being into everything she does. She brings responsibility, driven ideas, and a willingness to put in the hard work to the Borough Council if elected.

Madison will be well-served by re-electing Mayor Bob Conley, council members Landrigan and Forte, and by electing Melissa Honohan in November.