Borough Council Meeting 1-9-23: Bye to Lincoln and the Cannabis Ordinance. Hello Pickleball.

View the Agenda and Watch the Video Recording


  • Council member Haralampoudis participated in his first regular Council meeting.
  • Senator Bucco recognized the contributions of the Madison Historical Society on their 100th anniversary
  • Various Committee Reports can be viewed from ~ minute :32 to :45
  • The Hartley Dodge Foundation provided an exciting update on the Lincoln Portrait which currently hangs in Council chambers on the wall opposite the Mayor.
    • The portrait, painted oil on canvas by Willem Karel Frederick Travers in 1865, will go on loan for 5 years to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
    • It will be prominently featured in the Hall of Presidents starting in early February as part of President’s Day Weekend programming.
    • The painting previously has been on display at the Philadelphia Centennial, in the Capitol, and twice bills were introduced in Congress to attempt to acquire it.
    • While on loan, a high quality reproduction will be hung in its place.
    • Madison will be recognized with labeling that says “On loan from the Hartley Dodge foundation and courtesy of the citizens of the Borough of Madison of New Jersey”.
  • CFO Jim Burnet presented an Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation update starting at 1:01.
  • Burnet continued with an update on the Five Year Capital Plan
  • At the second public comments period, a single speaker, Sue Heffernan, spoke to encourage the Council to vote yes to repeal the Medical Cannabis ordinance.
  • Various ordinances were voted on, as seen the agenda. Highlights:
    • Ordinances related to medical cannabis dispensaries were repealed, no longer allowing for businesses to apply for a license.
    • $300K was appropriated from the Electric Capital Improvement Fund to replace the Water and Light Plant roof.
      • Council member Ehrlich noted that this is both a necessary repair and positions the roof to be suitable to install solar panels in the future.
    • $240k was appropriated from the Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation trust fund for the MRC Basketball/Pickleball court construction.
      • Council member Haralampoudis noted that this was an exciting future addition to offer adult recreation to Madison residents.
    • Two ordinances appropriated funds to the Cook Ave parking lot reconstruction
      • Comments were made from various Council members about the exciting improvements which will make the parking lot safer, more environmentally friendly, and visually appealing and in keeping with the charm of Madison.
  • Various consent agenda items were approved, as seen in the agenda.