Writer questions Madison GOP chair comments

TO THE EDITOR: I question what role party affiliation has in local government.

How does being a Democrat or a Republican add anything to local policy? Are we all we invested in our community and doing what is best for it or not?

Yet we find most elected officials use party affiliation to quickly portray their set of beliefs and provide a context for their future actions. Madison’s new local GOP chair is no exception. However, her comments at the recent council meeting scared me regarding the GOP plans for our community.

She is quoted as saying Republicans want “smaller government with less regulation,” which is exactly what led to the train wreck in Ohio last week. They want the protection of “constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms,” so why are they trying to take away those freedoms from the LGBTQ community?

She said “Republicans also believe that we, the people, can be trusted to make wise decisions for ourselves and the community,” unless of course you are a woman who wants to control your own body.

If you are going to take a political position, then you must live with the consequences. The recent activities of the GOP in our local community have been divisive and fueled by fear of the “other.”

If you are going to talk about freedom, then you’d better actually exhibit it. Right now I just see hypocrisy.


This letter appeared in the Madison Eagle and can be viewed online here.