Issue Spotlight: Climate Change and Our Environment

Experience and Dedication

Rachel Ehrlich

  • Created and chairs Madison’s Climate Action Committee
  • Throughout 2021, partnered with green team members from the Madison Environmental Commission and the Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee to create and adopt the Climate Action Resolution for Madison, which acknowledges the threat of climate change and aligns the borough with the New Jersey state Energy Master Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Previously Council Liaison for Utilities and encourage long-term thinking about our electric and water utilities in planning for a decarbonized future
  • Currently serving as Council Liaison for Engineering and Public Works

Tom Haralampoudis

  • Past chairman of the Madison Environmental Commission
  • Co-founder of the Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee
  • Family business Lanca Sales has its warehouse and offices 100% solar powered

Endorsements and Accolades

Leadership in Taking Action Now

Featured Article: Madison Eagle: Climate action plan process continues in Madison

In its coverage of the September 26 Madison Council meeting, the Madison Eagle summarized key elements of the work of the Madison Climate Action Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by Rachel Ehrlich, and highlighted the facts around the plan to increase renewable energy use, cut emissions and build climate resiliency in Madison.

As part of this meeting, some residents shared concerns about rumors they heard about the scope and nature of the Committee work and its recommendations, including one about forcing residents to get rid of their gas-powered appliances.

“The emphatic answer is no, the Climate Action Committee does not recommend that Madison impose limits or rules about purchasing or maintaining gas-burning appliances in homes and businesses,” Ehrlich said.

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Vision Towards the Future

Read About Our Candidates and Their Commitment to the Environment

  • Madison Councilmember Ehrlich and Friends of the Drew Forest Win Environmental Awards
    The Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) has acknowledged the work of Borough Councilmember Rachel Ehrlich through its Municipal Leadership Award, following in the footsteps of Mayor Robert H. Conley, who won in 2021. This is an excerpt from an article that you can read in full on the Madison Eagle. In recognizing Ehrlich … Read more
  • NORTH JERSEY GREEN: Vote for climate this election
    Note: This is an excerpt of an article that appears on the Madison Eagle. “What is the number one thing you can do to protect the environment and tackle climate change? It’s simple: Vote for climate candidates. In all elections- from the very local all the way up to the federal level, candidates running for … Read more
  • LETTER: Ehrlich, Haralampoudis the right choice for Madison’s future
    TO THE EDITOR: I care about the future of Madison and our planet; therefore I will be voting for Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis for Madison Borough Council on November 8. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rachel several times over the last few years and Tom over the last few months. While they have … Read more
  • LETTER: Environmental, civic groups recognize Ehrlich’s service in Madison
    TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing to enthusiastically support Rachel Ehrlich, incumbent candidate for Madison Borough Council. Rachel is experienced, committed, and dedicated to our town and the wider world. Her commitment to volunteerism is deep and demonstrable. I’m not the only one who has recognized her excellence as a candidate. In the past month, she … Read more
  • LETTER: Naysayers perpetuate misinformation on Madison climate efforts
    TO THE EDITOR: I am not as regular an attendant at the Borough Council meetings as I wish I were – even late at night and at the end of a contentious comment section, I come home feeling really good about the group of intelligent, resourceful, and dedicated people who serve Madison in elective offices. … Read more
  • LETTER: Ehrlich, Madison council exhibit leadership on climate change
    TO THE EDITOR: We are all here and alive because generations before us cared enough about the future to shoulder major challenges so that our lives would be better. My parents’ generation cared enough about the future to face the hardships of a world war. They set an example of courage. How grateful I am, … Read more
  • Madison Eagle: Climate action plan process continues in Madison
    In its coverage of the September 26 Madison Council meeting, the Madison Eagle summarized key elements of the work of the Madison Climate Action Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by Rachel Ehrlich, and highlighted the facts around the plan to increase renewable energy use, cut emissions and build climate resiliency in Madison. As part of this … Read more
  • LETTER: Important climate action work in Madison should not be used as a political issue
    TO THE EDITOR: Here’s a quiz – did the following statement come from a Republican or a Democrat: “Madison needs a significant energy paradigm shift. Our town needs to adopt energy policies that will foster energy conservation, not stifle it.” The answer: the 2019 GOP candidates Rob Catalanello, Pat Rowe and Kathy Dailey. Fast forward … Read more
  • State conservation group backs Ehrlich, Haralampoudis for Madison council
    MADISON – Citing the “importance of environmental policy in races at every level of government,” the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has endorsed Democrats Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis for Borough Council, naming them among the “environmental champions we endorsed this cycle.” “We don’t endorse candidates we don’t believe in,” said Julia Somers, New … Read more
  • LETTER: Rewarding to see environmental groups’ endorsement of Ehrlich in Madison
    TO THE EDITOR: It’s rewarding to see the Sierra Club’s New Jersey Chapter endorse Rachel Ehrlich in her re-election bid to the Madison Borough Council – for her efforts to engage our hometown in the climate change fight. But, frankly, I’m worried Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will notice and scrape together all the carbon emissions … Read more
  • Madison Democrats Kick-off Fall Campaign
    Sunday, September 18 was a beautiful late-summer day in Madison.  It was a perfect afternoon for a picnic, as Councilmember Rachel Ehrlich of Kings Road and Madison volunteer Tom Haralampoudis officially kicked off their 2022 general election campaign for seats on the Madison Borough Council.  Enthusiastic campaign supporters were joined by Mayor Bob Conley, Councilmembers … Read more
  • Ehrlich and Haralampoudis Receive Endorsement From New Jersey League of Conservation Voters
    Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis are committed to championing sustainability and elevating climate action as a strategic priority for Madison. As an acknowledgement of that commitment, the candidates were thrilled to receive an endorsement from the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (NJLCV), one of just nine campaigns or candidates to receive the honor in … Read more
  • Rachel Ehrlich Receives Sierra Club Endorsement
    Council member and current Borough Council candidate Rachel Ehrlich is honored to be just one of only two Council candidates in New Jersey to be endorsed by the Sierra Club. In their endorsement, the Sierra Club acknowledged Ehrlich’s commitment to fighting climate change and protecting our environment: “The New Jersey Chapter is pleased to support … Read more
  • Ehrlich & Haralampoudis: Experience. Dedication. Moving Madison forward together.
    Our Candidates: Background, experience, and motivations for running for office. Learn more about Councilmember Rachel Ehrlich and candidate Tom Haralampoudis as they ask for your vote on November 8th. Below you can read about their experience and then their vision and priorities for Madison.
  • LETTER: No one better suited for Madison Borough Council than Rachel Ehrlich
    TO THE EDITOR: I’d like to ask my fellow Madison residents to vote for Rachel Ehrlich in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. As someone who follows council meetings pretty closely, I’ve seen Rachel dedicate so much hard work and commitment in her council member role these past three years. As an … Read more
  • LETTER: Madison is lucky to have Ehrlich on Borough Council
    TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing to endorse incumbent candidate Rachel Ehrlich for Madison Borough Council. Ehrlich has shown that she’s committed to our town, the environment, and the people of Madison. She’s been transparent about her work, and always makes herself available to anyone with questions about her positions on key issues or, more generally, … Read more
  • LETTER: Cast votes for Ehrlich, Haralampoudis on June 7 in Madison
    TO THE EDITOR: It is hard to believe that after more than two years of great uncertainty and anxiety, our lives are slowly returning to normal. One of our normal activities is elections. June 7 brings us another primary election and while the candidates are running unopposed for their spots on the ballot, we need … Read more
  • LETTER: Madison Democrats Ehrlich, Haralampoudis deserve your votes on June 7
    TO THE EDITOR: Through the tough events that we are witnessing on a national and global front, it is very important to remember the foundations of our political system: local elections. That being said, this election season is becoming more and more crucial than ever to turn out and vote for the candidates of your … Read more
  • Rachel Ehrlich for Council
    When my family moved to Madison in 2015, we chose Madison for its vibrant and walkable downtown and excellent school system. We were thrilled to move to a lively neighborhood with sidewalks, a bike lane, and welcoming neighbors. Seven years later, we love that Madison, the “#1 Best Town in New Jersey” is a strong … Read more
  • Tom Haralampoudis for Council
    In 1992, my wife, Christina, and I chose to make Madison our home.  Five children, two dogs and a lovely home with great neighbors later, we are sure we made the right decision. Madison continues to offer us so much as a community. It is close enough to NYC to commute to work, has a … Read more