Ehrlich and Haralampoudis Receive Endorsement From New Jersey League of Conservation Voters

Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis are committed to championing sustainability and elevating climate action as a strategic priority for Madison. As an acknowledgement of that commitment, the candidates were thrilled to receive an endorsement from the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (NJLCV), one of just nine campaigns or candidates to receive the honor in Morris County.

In a press release issued by NJLCV, Ehrlich and Haralampoudis were quoted about just one of their priorities:

“We are committed to seeking a conservation sale of the Drew Forest, a rare, 53-acre preserve in Madison. The forest is located on the Drew University campus and provides the public with walking trails, access to rare understory and canopy ecologies, and some of the oldest trees in Morris County,” said Councilwoman Rachel Ehrlich and Candidate Tom Haralampoudis. “It is essential for aquifer recharge and habitat preservation. We support a conservation sale to permanently protect the Drew Forest while providing Drew University with financial support.”

NJLCV noted the importance of municipal governments like Madison who are “on the front lines of tackling issues like flooding, water quality, and preserving open space. We need to elect environmental champions who will fight climate change and protect residents’ rights to clean air and safe drinking water.”

As a current Council member, Rachel Ehrlich has been a strong advocate for the environment, serving as the liaison to the Madison Environmental Commission and the Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee in her role as Council Liaison for Engineering and Public Works. Throughout 2021, Ehrlich partnered with green team members from both groups to create and adopt the Climate Action Resolution for Madison, which acknowledges the threat of climate change and aligns the borough with the New Jersey state Energy Master Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Tom Haralampoudis is the past chairman of the Madison Environmental Commission, was a co-founder of the Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee, and in his campaign announcement noted “We know climate change is real and that every positive modification, no matter small, that we make in our lifestyle and business management will bring the community that much closer to real sustainability.”

This endorsement is the second from an environmental group for Ehrlich, who was one of just two Council candidates endorsed in New Jersey by the Sierra Club.

These endorsements are yet another reason Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis are the strongest candidates to serve Madison. Learn more about their extensive experience and their priorities to move Madison forward together.

About NJLCV: New Jersey LCV is the statewide political voice for the environment. We work to elect environmentally responsible candidates to state and local offices. Working with our allies in the community, we advocate for strong environmental policies, support our environmental justice partners in pursuing more equitable policies, and hold our elected officials accountable during the legislative session. Through our political work we are strengthening laws that safeguard the health of our communities, working to help foster inclusion and justice, and protect the beauty of our state and our economic future.