Madison Eagle: Climate action plan process continues in Madison

In its coverage of the September 26 Madison Council meeting, the Madison Eagle summarized key elements of the work of the Madison Climate Action Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by Rachel Ehrlich, and highlighted the facts around the plan to increase renewable energy use, cut emissions and build climate resiliency in Madison.

As part of this meeting, some residents shared concerns about rumors they heard about the scope and nature of the Committee work and its recommendations, including one about forcing residents to get rid of their gas-powered appliances.

“The emphatic answer is no, the Climate Action Committee does not recommend that Madison impose limits or rules about purchasing or maintaining gas-burning appliances in homes and businesses,” Ehrlich said.

Instead, as Ehrlich noted, the plan seeks to find ways for Madison to position itself to cut emissions and save on energy costs as our country shifts towards clean energy and for residents to be informed and empowered to take their own actions.

The meeting provided an opportunity for Councilmember Ehrlich to remind residents that climate change is a serious issue with impacts from severe weather felt increasingly and that Madison has an opportunity and obligation to act.

Several residents expressed appreciation for the forward thinking work of the Madison Climate Action Ad Hoc Committee including this:

“One of the reasons I like living in Madison is because we are thinking about this,” said Patricia Coyle of Stafford Drive. “We’re thinking about not expenses passing to taxpayers, but investments in the future of our town for a sustainable town and for a sustainable future. I’m really proud of this council for taking those steps.”

The Madison Eagle article goes into greater detail on the meeting and work of the Climate Action Ad Hoc Committee. Everyone is encouraged to read the full article here.

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