Coen & Range Letters to the Editor

Madison voters are excited to cast their votes for Deb and Eric on June 8th. Read below for some letters of support the team has received. You can learn more about these candidates and read about their priorities for Madison. Make sure you are ready to vote by visiting our Primary 2021 Voter Guide.

  • LETTER: Support Conley, Landrigan, Forte in Madison Democratic primary
    TO THE EDITOR: We are thrilled to be supporting Bob Conley for mayor and Bob Landrigan and John Forte for Madison Borough Council. Mayor Conley is not only thoughtful, compassionate, and inclusive of all Madisonians, but he also knows how to get things done. He is a passionate supporter of saving the Drew Forest and […]
  • LETTER: Madison resident responds to Republican claims on electric utility
    TO THE EDITOR: The Madison Republican candidates and their Madison Republican Committee (MRC) supporters are at it again. For almost a decade now, they have been arguing that our electric rates are excessive as their flagship campaign issue. And they are doing it again this year in multiple letters to the editor of the Madison Eagle. Yet […]
  • LETTER: In response to Madison Republican claims on climate, energy
    TO THE EDITOR: I am writing specifically in response to the letter signed “Mary Wilson/Sherwood Avenue,” which opens with the suggestion that (Republican candidates for Borough Council) Matt Van Natten and Lenora Clark should be elected “because they offer a fresh perspective, balance and will put ‘Community First,’” and which features a completely-out-of-context “quotation” from (Democratic candidate […]
  • LETTER: Vote for Ehrlich, support democracy and civic engagement in Madison
    TO THE EDITOR: Next week we are going again to the voting booths. Democracy requires our participation and on November 8th, that means voting. For several years we have watched Rachel Ehrlich work diligently to improve our town. Her work has shown special attention to include all. We are better when all are sitting at […]