Navigating and Completing Your Ballot.

Visit our Voter Information page for all the details on how to make a plan to vote!

Our video below is from a prior election, but all the details are the same. Check it out.

Watch this video to learn how to complete and return your ballot >>>

Navigating Your Paper Ballot

Are you a visual person? Here are the main steps to complete your ballot and detailed instructions are below.

TIP: If you do not already have an account with the New Jersey Division of Elections, record your 9-digit Voter ID that is located on the inner envelope near your name and address, record it now.  You may need it to create your Voter account and track your ballot.

Note: Step 3 is optional, depending on the election year.

  1. Ballots are due by 8 pm on election day, so don’t delay. Here is how to return your ballot.
  2. Don’t throw out any parts of your ballot! When you get your ballot, open it right away, read all the instructions and DO NOT throw anything away.
  3. Fill out your ballot and use ONLY a pencil or ink pen (black or blue).  See image below on how to fill in each selection. We encourage you to vote for every race on the ballot, but it is not required. You CANNOT vote for more candidates than is permitted or your vote will not count. So read the “Office Title” column carefully– it will tell you if you are voting for one (example, Freeholder) or two (example, Borough Council).
  4. Fold your completed ballot, put it inside the inner envelope, and seal it.
  5. Sign the “Certificate of Mail-in Voter” that is attached to the inner envelope. DO NOT DETACH. This self-certification is required to confirm that you filled out the ballot in secret and is required for your ballot to be accepted and to count. You are allowed an Assistor and if you are doing that, fill that section out.
  6. Place the completed inner envelope inside the pre-paid postage outer envelope. Make sure the address appears in the window and seal it.
  7. Is someone returning your ballot for you? Have then complete the Bearer portion ONLY if you use a bearer. They can do this only for 3 voters.
  8. Submit your completed ballot using one of the approved methods.

Be careful when completing your ballot. Fill in the circle completely with blue/black ink.