Vote by Mail Ballots Have Arrived

Paper ballots (VBM ballots) have arrived in Madison mailboxes. The MDC has a wealth of information available to keep voters informed and ensure that every votes counts.

Here are the key places to find out more:

  • Visit the Voter Info page first for an overview of all voting-related information.
  • Find out if you are automatically getting a ballot in the mail.
  • Once you have your ballot ready to return, review your options.
  • If anything goes wrong, our FAQ has some good tips and information.
  • After you’ve returned your ballot, monitor the status of it through your My Voter Account.
    • Your “Ballot received date” will show when your ballot was processed.
    • “Ballot status” will show N/A, received, rejected, or Accepted (this may not be until after the election. Learn more here about what these each mean.
  • If there is a problem with your ballot, find out how to “cure” the issue.

It is highly recommended that you return your ballot as quickly as you can via the secure drop box at the Kings Road commuter lot behind the Public Safety Building. There is a video camera 24 hours a day and it’s weather- and tamper-proof. Ballots are picked up directly by the county Board of Elections staffers.