Democrats Disappointed When Republicans Decline to Participate in Candidate Forum

MADISON – In a joint prepared statement, Madison Councilman John Hoover and former Councilman Bob Landrigan express their concern that the Republican’s withdrawal from the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum will leave voters uninformed:

We regretfully report that there will be no Candidates Forum for the Madison Borough Council election this year.  The Morristown Area League of Women Voters (LWV) officially notified us that both of our Republican opponents have chosen not to participate in a 2020 LWV Candidates Forum.  League rules preclude holding a Forum if there is not at least one candidate participating from each of the two contesting parties.  This year neither Republican candidate elected to participate.

We find this development very unfortunate.  The League of Women Voters has a long history of providing a unique, non-partisan service to all voters. It can be very difficult to get good local information on candidates that looks beyond the campaign-generated materials.  This unwillingness by the Republicans to participate means that Madison voters will not be able to personally question the competing candidates and evaluate their fitness for office.  Voters will not have the opportunity to contrast the respective candidates’ experience, records of contributions to the community, and priorities for the borough’s future.  You will have no voice in sharing what your priorities and concerns are.  This feels very undemocratic.

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In light of this unfortunate decision by the GOP candidates, what we can offer Madison voters is a lot of information on our positions on the issues as well as our records of service as members of the Madison Borough Council and as active Madison volunteers.  All of this information is available on the Madison Democratic Committee’s (MDC) website, and on MDC’s Facebook page.  We also welcome anyone to email us with their questions and concerns at

As engaged candidates, we have also described our records and priorities in press releases submitted to the Madison Eagle and other local media.  Over the past several weeks, we have also shared articles detailing our positions on the following important Madison issues:  the Borough’s COVID-19 response and plans for reopening, funding for Madison’s Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund, Borough infrastructure Investment and how it is paid for, and the management of the municipal budget and utility surpluses.  These papers can also all be accessed on the MDC website.

We also invite all Madison voters to visit the MDC booth at the Farmers Market.  There you can also meet, question and/or share their concerns with one or both of us. We also can answer any questions you might have on voting by mail in the general election.  We encourage you to drop by the booth any Thursday afternoon.

Your voice matters.  We want to hear it.  And we urge you to vote in this and every election.

John F. Hoover,17 Overhill Drive

Robert E. Landrigan, 39 Green Village Road